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Today, there are more than 5 million cases of UFO sightings, thousands of pages of previously declassified secret documents, confirming the reality of the phenomenon. But despite the fact that UFOs frequently visited our planet, most related aspects remain a mystery to people.

The situation is complicated by the fact that mainstream science continues to ignore this problem and do not want to notice it would seem obvious. But not necessarily blame the official science bias. If we analyze the situation from all sides it is clear that the roots of the problem go very deep and high.

UFOs are closely linked to the military and scientific and technological policies of leading states — this eloquent declassified in U.S. law "On Freedom of Information" documents such government agencies as the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Defense Intelligence Agency, NASA , NORAD (United protivovodushnoy defense system the North American continent). The evidence points to the fact that the security services are very good and know in detail what the UFO. And not only do they know, but try to create the same technology. And the silence of official science seems artificially created in order to avoid attracting the subject of public attention: so calm to carry out undercover investigations.

In addition to officially declassified documents, most of them continue to gather dust in the top-secret government archives. Not all of the documents related to UFOs, subject to the Law "On Freedom of Information". The Act is a special exception for documents the disclosure of which could harm national security and American services are actively using this reservation at the trials with ufologists. This once again confirms the direct link to the UFO policies of individual states and global politics. And that ufology associate people with "green men" and with crazy houses — most likely, it is also artificially created to divert attention from the problem, which is seen in more than a serious military and government officials, or rather those of them who are aware in this area.

It is obvious that the documents remain classified, contain the most valuable information about UFOs and their occupants. A claim for the role of documents available in this article. The document was obtained by the famous American ufologist Leonard Stringfield from the source, with whom he has never met. The mediator, who handed the document and Stringfield who knows preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals by government services. Document of 16 July 1947 is a preliminary report on the results of the examination of crashed "flying disk." The cover letter to the report signed by the commander of the U.S. Air Force in 1947, General Nathan Tuayningom.

Preliminary report on incidents of UFO in 1947

1. As stated in the President's directive of July 9, 1947, a preliminary study to pick up "flying disk" and debris possible second drive was conducted at the main headquarters of the army [headquarters of the 8th Army Air Force in Fort Worth, Texas. — Approx. the author]. The information for this report provided a staff technical staff of the 2nd and 3rd avialaboratoriey technical department. Additional data provided by scientific staff Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Scientific Advisory Department BBC, led by Dr. Theodore von Karman. Further analysis was conducted by the Division of Science and Development.

Theodore von Karman

2. Of the object relative to suestvuet collective opinion that the aircraft, selected parts of the army and air force, does not apply to U.S. production for the following reasons:

a. Structure in the form of round, disk-like "platform" is not like any of the designs developed, at present, in a project.

b. The absence of any external propulsion system, power plant, ventilation and exhaust channels, as well as propellers or jet engine confirms this view.

a. German scientists from Fort Bliss and White Sands Proving Grounds [sensitive sites of the U.S. Army. — Approx. website] can not identify these objects secret German weapons. True, it remains possible that such a device developed by the Russian. The absence of any labeling, identification numbers or instructions in Cyrillic caused serious doubt most is that these objects — the Russian production.

2. The study of the inside of the machine revealed the presence of branches, like a nuclear engine. At least that is the opinion expressed by Dr. Oppenheimer and Dr. von Karman. It is possible that part of the machine itself is a motor system, the outlet reactor heat exchanger function, and plays the role of energy storage. This process is not similar to the release of energy in our atomic bombs. Description of power facilities as follows:

Robert Oppergeymer

1) The tube in the shape of a donut, about thirty-five feet [10.7 m], made of a material similar to plastic surrounds the central core. The tube was filled with purified substance, possibly heavy water. Massive rod in the center of the tube is immersed in a coil of copper alloy similar to the material passing through the housing tube. This may be the mechanism of the reactor control or storage battery. In the studied areas were found moving parts.

2) As the primary energy for the reactor apparently serves activation of the electric potential, although, at present, this is only an assumption. Only it is not known as a reactor based on heavy water works in this environment.

3) The power plant detected spherical tower, about 10 feet [3 m] in diameter. This turret is equipped with a number of devices with unusual characteristics, unknown to any of our engineers. Inside the towers are four round cavity, covered with an unknown smooth material. These cavities are symmetrical to each other, but seem to be moving. True, it is unknown how. This movement is due to the domed room of the power plant. It is believed that the main propulsion system is bezlopastnaya turbine, similar to the current developments in the framework of the "tycoon". Dr. August Shteynhoff (head studies), Dr. Werner von Braun and Dr. Theodore von Karman put forward the following theory: flying through the air, the aircraft somehow absorbs hydrogen in the process of induction of nuclear fusion reaction generates. Machine to move the air around it to be ionized. Coupled with the natural "air foil", the aircraft can be expected to have an unlimited range and speed. This may account for the reported lack of any noise.

d) Residential compartment is located at the top. It is round, with a domed top. The absence of the canopy, the review window, porthole or any other optical projection confirms the view that the unit is remote controlled.

1) The semi-circular screen (possibly television).

2) Residential premises were sealed by special otverdevayuschimsostavom.

3) There are no signs of welding, riveting or soldering.

4) The components of the device have an impeccable shape and quality

Finally, it remains to note that the paper is of particular interest rather detailed description of the internal structure of a "flying saucer" and operation of the aircraft. If the document is genuine, the information contained in it can make a major contribution to ufology and in the generation of knowledge about the technical aspects of UFOs.

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