UFO spotted over Energodar (photo)

November 16, 2012 15:36

According to an eyewitness Alexei Arakelyan, UFOs — a fairly common phenomenon for Energodar, so no longer causes the locals surprise.

Energodarovets Alex shared their information with the site "Zaporozhye time." The man said that the last time I saw a flying object in the sky, the afternoon of 30 September 2012.

— The sky was anything at all — what we saw is what occurred at the photo after we view photos.

This is the second time that Alex accidentally managed to capture an unidentified flying object.

— The first time was in 2010, the same day, but there was a bright shining point, which is very slowly moving to a certain place, and then just went out.

According to a witness such events occur so often that all have become accustomed.

— At night so all the sky you can not see — there's always something flying and "it" can not always be identified. At least, it is clear, if the airplane is flying — it's a plane, if a satellite — a satellite, but if some garbage flying zigzags and constantly changing speed, flashing strange, then there is clearly something different, and no one knows what it is.

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