UFO — The Secret Revealed — Exposing

UFO — UFO (unidentified flying object, UFO).
I urge you to blindly believe all the information given above, (UFOs, secret societies), but the call for personal research and testing of these materials, to deliberate the opinions and actions.

"My job is to tell the truth, and not forced to believe in it."
UFOs do exist — but it is not "aliens from distant galaxies," or "brothers on reason" these creatures with us since the days of Adam and Eve, even when they fell (sinned).
UFOs — are fallen angels who serve one master — Satan. Their goal seduce people recently (pre apocalyptic time), before the war between good and evil.
When you create a material used in the video (located in Youtube)
1. Contactee with an alien civilization — Vladimir Korshunov
2. UFO's The Hidden Truth
3. Secrets of the World Order — Part 1: The All-Seeing Eye
4. Journey into the world of the supernatural
5. UFOpass (English subtitles)-p1-/ UFO pass-P1-
6. Russian Film Angel — Prophecy lad Vyacheslav
7. The film "Jesus" on the Gospel of Luke
8. Bible

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