UFO — the servants of the devil

Orthodox priests do not deny the existence of many worlds in the universe reasonable. Times when for such views could be burned at the stake, are long gone. The emergence of non-human intelligence in space, according to the fathers of the modern church, it's possible. But UFOs — is something else.

Indeed, on the reason why the brothers did not come into contact at official level, but instead trying to fool us down? Why terrorize people abductions, abuse, cruel experiments? Why, according to the evidence, strongly reminiscent of the evil actions of the aliens? Yes, some Christians unsympathetic traits attributed to evil spirits, as only they were inherent in the characters of the pagan cults. Yet even in the most ancient beliefs are often endowed with such characteristics are harmful and dangerous to human nature.

Between different types of "devilish" and the UFO phenomenon a lot in common. Eyewitnesses claim: no aircraft aliens or aliens themselves … cast no shadow. According to legends, it is peculiar and evil spirits: this is a particular feature or detect vampires, disguised as ordinary mortals. In addition, the emergence of newcomers often accompanied by the smell of sulfur (indispensable attribute of the devil). At the landing site "dish" is charred grass, and people who come into contact with the "brothers on reason" get burned. As you know, the inhabitants of hell dealing with fire …

Evil can wear fancy masks. For example, in 1884 in Samara 140 for 10 minutes watched around the church rode with black hair, white teeth with a demon pig's snout, horns and hooves. Hellish brood of mother and blasphemed. Finally one priest dared to approach the foul and make a cross on his chest. Damn instantly turned to the sulfur fumes. A seven parishioners, to whom he touched that night gave up the ghost.

In 1900, in Smolensk during the procession between people was shaggy piebald pig with a human face and a long, two fathoms, a tail. She was caught, but it melted in his hand smoke pursuers.

During the Civil War in Volgodonsk came out of the river by a demon. In the eyes of 40 local fishermen he ran across the water as on land by jumping on the way to the fishing boats and scaring people. A few days later saw the devil in Taganrog about 500 witnesses. Unfortunately, the sources are silent on how it looked being.

In June 1989 in a group of teenagers watched Kharovskii landed UFO. Of bright luminous balls climbed three headless creatures black, resembling robots. After going a few stiff-legged steps slope of the ravine, they disappeared. Around the same time, there were other amazing Kharovskii event. On the lake saw a huge glowing man udivshego fish. Some of the townspeople met a woman in the forest growth of about 3 meters with a horse's head, and someone — a herd of 3-meter white goats. Several schoolgirls told that in front of them descended from the sky a large white cat. Hovering in the air at the height of the girls, she snorted and disappeared into the sky, turning into a tiny point.

How is this different from that of "devilry"? "Chelovekosvini"

"Glowing fishermen", "female horse", "flying cat" … Perhaps before they took over the line, and now — for the aliens? Journalist and researcher Vadim Rostov convinced that these are manifestations of an unknown force that has no relation to the cosmic mind. Rostov highlights in the UFO phenomenon and the "devilry" the following common features:

1), and they both appear for a short time, for a few minutes;

2) do not leave behind the unambiguous physical evidence of his visit;

3) have no purpose other conduct but the demonstration itself;

4) choose to visit remote places and in the evening;

5) do not appear without the presence of man;

6) do not allow yourself to catch, do not stay to talk to the authorities, the media and law enforcement agencies;

7) have caused numerous disasters, human health and often cause long passing fear.

Either way, the phenomenon exists. If numerous reports of single women on regular intimate contact with the aliens, like the medieval stories of succubi and incubi, usually are consequences of mental disorders, hundreds of thousands (!) Carcasses of cows, sheep, dogs, and horses, which are found in different places already can not be attributed to the "hallucinations".

With what ufologists deal? Can it really with the "servants of the devil," coming out of the pit and carrying people evil? Or is it something that penetrates us from a parallel world in the guise of creepy creatures?

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