UFO watching submarines

This story takes place in 2005, but interest in it is not fading away now. That's what the correspondent of the newspaper in the Primorye Territory.

The first call to the editor came from Lazo region of Primorsky Krai. September 8 in the interval from 21.15 to 21.40 Kievka villagers saw in the sky something strange.

— The sky was clear, and we have seen very good — says one of the witnesses Elena Starostin, a journalist with experience, people only sensible.

Object detected radar ship

Other witnesses have compared mini-Bear outbreaks flares, said that point in the sky was colored and hung just above the sea (Kievka and Transformation are on the coast.)

Skeptical villagers contacted by the local administration of the frontier with one of the ships were at this time in the Bay of Kiev. Sailors confidently stated that it is in the specified time intervals radar detected unidentified objects. Will be surprised what the hell is this, and asked the manager about the data. Manager just shrugged …

Sent planes to explore?

At this time over 400 kilometers (!) From the Lazo got people watching the same thing! As bright scoop hovered over the city of Vladivostok.

— On Egersheld (district seaside capital) went out to smoke on the street, I saw — some strange star. Red and mobile. And doubles! Plague! — A message appeared on one of our local news agencies. It later emerged that the mysterious witness to the coming of the light through the roof. And there were witnesses in every district of the city.

According to one version, the sun hangs over the Cape Nazimova on radar. Resident Zmeinki Yevgeny Kozlovsky imprinted seen on a digital camera, a TV crew — on camera. We have long admired the unexplained lights flashing on the monitor and computer are ready to confirm — it is really something ektraordinarnoe.

Even a cryptic asterisks observed with Neybuta and quiet. Vladimir Kozlovsky friend Eugene Tsvetkov says:

The eye size of lights was somewhere about 200 meters! It was plain good! My whole family is admired at it. At the end of the whole action was seen one small reds star. And then another two hours in the area planes flying, you see, have also PVOshnikov interest arose that nonsense hanging almost in the city center …

Followed by Kiev and Vladivostok came reports of sparkling in the sky "dipper" from the village of the Danube and Nakhodka. The local UFO descriptions coincide with nashenskie and Lazovsky. Dunaevskaya garland hung in the sky at the same time with our — September 8, about 22 hours — over the burial ground, which stores waste submarine! Nakhodkinskoe svetodeystvo started at 1:30 that same night.

The military did not believe in aliens …

Maritime connections defense duty to our question, what the hell is in the seaside sky flashed, somehow began to laugh. But then still made a formal conclusion:

— With all the responsibility that it was not a UFO! And the activities of the armed forces. Moreover, such events are held annually. In a planned manner … And the fact that an object can detect radar — is quite real. Because the object was — and he quite material.

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