UFOs: pyramid Archons over Ohio

December 29, 2012 3:12

According to The Canadian, a witness from Westerville (Westerville), Ohio reported seeing a "pyramid Archons" 12 December 2012. The information was presented in a paper published in Examiner.com. The publication referred to the conclusion of the National Network study of UFOs (MUFON, the network examines the UFO phenomenon from a scientific point of view).

The witness described the object's speed, as well as their visual observations.

"The ship was moving at the speed with which usually fly planes, but because of the very bright orange lights, it became clear that it was not an airplane."
The witness also said that the object itself is a close second.

"As the ship approached, I saw that the lights are firmly settled, and the object is a pyramid-shaped lights were bright orange and yellow." However, when the vehicle is completely stopped, the color of the lights began to change: they were red, blue, green, orange and yellow. "

MUFON asks readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings can be explained scientifically, as a natural phenomenon.

Recently, however, "triangles Archons" observed around the world.
According to a study by Dr. John Lash (Lash), Archons, as mentioned in the ancient Gnostic texts — Nag Hammadi (Nag Hammadi), are interdimensional demonic beings that govern human leaders and elites.

According to contactee Alex Collier, who, he claims, conducting channeling sessions with alien beings, frequent monitoring "triangles Archons" are evidence that the Archons themselves tend to return to Earth. Archons lead the construction of the Great Pyramids on Earth and on Mars and the Moon. The purpose of the Archons in the world — the establishment of a tyrannical power and control humanity, says Collier.
Perhaps the only time we can learn the true causes of the "triangles Archons" and other unidentified flying objects.

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