It is considered as if the era of "flying saucers" began in the XX century. However, this is incorrect. Reports of sightings of strange objects and creatures can be found in the ancient chronicles of any nation has ever inhabited the earth. You can, of course, to dismiss them, saying that the "dark" people were too imaginative, cradling inhabit space fictional spirits and gods. But many researchers believe otherwise chronicles, pointing in particular to the fact that the details given in the chronicles, have no analogues in the mythology of lost civilizations

That hide the pyramid?
June 5, 1952 in the jungles of the Yucatan archeological expedition led by Alberta Rutsa Lyuiera and his three companions made a remarkable discovery. She has conducted research in the area striking monuments of Palenque, which rises in the county of Chi-pass near the famous village of Maya. Yucatan area is known for its humid and hot climate, by which tropical vegetation safely concealed in the wilds of their temples and pyramids built by the Maya.

"This civilization has attracted attention due to the genius of its architects. One of the most impressive buildings of Palenque — Pyramid with inscriptions. It has the form of a truncated pyramid with a long staircase in the front. At the top of the pyramid is the great temple. For what could serve as such a monument? thinking about this question, Lyuier and his colleagues suggested that the pyramid was built as a tomb for an especially important person. With this idea, they began to search for any passage or stairs leading into the pyramid, "

June 15 expedition found a number of stairs, hidden in this huge structure, which led to the ground. Stair passage was made in accordance with the traditions of the Maya: sloping walls, giving the top of the high end with a conical shape and a narrow ceiling. In the back is a luxury ladder passage tomb. It was the sarcophagus, closed bars ordinary engraved with twelve bars on one side and a family — on the other. This slab is ten inches weighed about six tons. Artworks from well preserved Mayan, were clearly visible, even the smallest details. Archaeologists have not yet managed to solve their purpose.

It is believed that the Maya civilization disappeared without inventing even basic concepts of technology. Meanwhile, in the figure, performed on the mummy of Palenque, shows the person controlling a complex machine. From the fact that the knees of the man almost pressed to his chest, and he relies on a complex mechanism, which pulled out of the flames, some scientists have suggested that the Maya had contacts with envoys of advanced civilization. It is difficult to find support for this interpretation, but the only thing that is known to us today, and that is very similar to Figure Maya — a spaceship.

However, of particular interest is that the demigod for whom with such skill were built sarcophagus tomb and pyramid. His body is slightly different from the body and the structure of the Maya, as we know it. This body of men rise almost two meters, that is much more than the average "growth of the Maya. According to the French archaeologist Pierre Honore, the sarcophagus was built for the Great White God'' — Kukulkan. Ultimately the key to this puzzle is still not found and the tropical jungles of Central America, where a dozen temples and pyramids are still hidden under the lush vegetation, is not it possible to solve the mystery palenkskogo sarcophagus. "

"September 24, 1235, General Yuritsuma camped with his army. Suddenly there was a curious event: the sky back and forth moving the mysterious lights, they danced to the south-west, leaving a trail, and all this continued until the early hours. Gen. Yuritsuma gave the order to start in-depth research, as we would say today, and his colleagues went to work. They do not take long to make a report. "

This is quite normal, general-as they briefly reported. — It's just the wind stirs the stars.

"The medieval commentator Yusuke Matsumura about it sadly adds, scientists, consisting in the pay of the government, have always been ambiguous reports!"

Celestial phenomena were so commonplace in Japan of the Middle Ages, which seems to have a direct effect on the events that happen to people. They linked the riots, riots, and civil unrest. Japanese peasants interpreted the signs of the sky as serious signs that in their own way inspired them to indignation and protest against the feudal system and the foreign invasion. They thought that their rebellion will be successful. There are many examples of the similar incidents. For example, the September 12, 1271 Nihiren known priest was to be executed in the Tat-sunokuchi (Kamakura), but at this point in the sky there was a brilliant and luminous object resembling a full moon. Needless to say that the officials were in a panic, and the execution failed.

"August 3 989 in a time of great civil unrest observed three round object and another, glowing with an unearthly light. Eventually they joined. In 1361 a flying object shaped like a drum, took off from the island, located in the western part of Japan."

January 2, 1458 in the sky was seen a shiny object that looked like a full moon, and this phenomenon was followed by the "strange characters" in heaven and on earth. Two months later, on March 7, 1458, noted the appearance of five stars that form a circle around the moon, they are three times have changed their color, and suddenly disappeared. Deeply affected by the rulers of these signs are considered harbingers of great unrest in the country. All residents of Kyoto expected to begin disaster, and succumbed to the mood even the Emperor.

"Such phenomena occur in the XVII and XVIII centuries. Example, in May 1606 on the Kyoto fireballs were seen, and one night many samurai suddenly saw one ball of fire, like a red wheel, circling the castle Niyo. Next morning , the city looked like a beehive and people whispering: It must be an omen. "

"When January 2, 1749 in the sky, there are three round objects resembling the moon, which remained stationary for four days in Japan chaos. Occurred so intense social unrest related to these heavenly mysteries, when the government-had decided to act. Those who took part in the riots, were executed. confusion became even stronger when people see the moon in the sky, three, arranged in series, and a few days later — two suns. "

In all cases, these stories suggest that the lives of people in ancient times was full of mysterious accidents that they could not explain. Short enough acquainted with the archives of medieval Eastern Europe, to ensure that such a fuss about flying objects and the paranormal often occurred there.

In 1575, Pierre Boestuo said:

Face of the sky so often changed bearded and shaggy comets, torches, lamps, columns, spears, shields, dragons, moons, suns and many other articles of this kind, that if there was a desire to count events that have occurred since the birth of Jesus Christ, and to find the causes their occurrence, human life is not enough.

According to the edition of the same book for 1594, here's what happened a few miles from Tübingen (Germany), December 5, 1577:

Many black clouds appeared around the sun, as it happens in a thunderstorm appeared out of the sun and other clouds, yellow as saffron. Of these clouds assumed streams of light, shaped large, high and wide caps, and the earth seemed to itself was a yellow, bloody, covered with tall, broad caps which took different colors — red, blue, green, and above all black .. . Anyone can simply guess the meaning of this miracle and know that God wants people of repentance, that Almighty God will help all people to learn it in this banner. Amen.

To us is the great interest that these celestial objects are very similar to UFO today.

Close Encounters in Medieval Europe
"In the books of the Archbishop of Lyon Agobara also find interpretations relating to the beings who cross the sky and down to earth. Agobar, born in Spain in 779 year, the age of three arrived in France, where he subsequently became archbishop in 37 years. One of the most known and enlightened prelate ninth century left a interesting story of a significant incident, "

We have seen and heard a lot of people that are immersed in a great folly to such depths of madness, they believed in the existence of a certain area, they called Mahon, where the ships were flying in the clouds, bringing here earthly fruits to prevent hail storm, the sailors paid tribute Storm sorcerers, and themselves received corn and other products. Among these people, whose blind madness was quite deep, allowing them to believe in such things, I saw four of them, bound hand and foot, that stood out from the crowd, — three men and a woman. They argued that dropped out of the ships. They were brought to us, so they do not crowd broke stones. But the truth has prevailed.

In the Middle Ages has been described so many similar stories, that the problem of communication with heavenly beings become the predominant occupation of the alchemists and important part of their philosophy. Paracelsus wrote a book about the nature of these creatures, but thoroughly took care to warn readers of the dangers that can arise when dealing with them:

"I would not like to say (because of the troubles that might fall on the heads of wanting to try this) that the agreement, which allows contact with these creatures, and through which they come and talk to us. According to the passage, entitled Why are these beings are to us, it offers the ingenious theory: "

Any thing created by God, sooner or later manifest in man. Sometimes God contrasts this devil and oazumu to persuade all of their existence. From the height of heaven, he also sends his angels and ministers. Thus, these creatures are to us not to stay with us and join us, but that we finally were able to understand them. In truth, these events are rare. But why should it be otherwise? Is not it enough to see one of us an angel to everyone else to believe in the existence of other angels? Paracelsus was born in 1491. This is the year when Fatsius Cardan noted the emergence of seven strange visitors, kindred divinity, incredibly Interested great philosopher. This report was in the records of his son Jerome Cardano (1501-1576), which is well known to us as a great mathematician.

"Jerome Cardan lived in Milan and was not only a mathematician, a physicist and an occultist. In his book, E) e ZiShYe Cardan says that quite often heard from his father, a story, and extracts from the archives of the description of the event."

"August 13, 1491. When I finished my usual daily activities, about 8 o'clock in the evening for me were suddenly 7 people, dressed in silk robes, similar to the Greek toga, and wrapped in shining shoes. Robes, they wore a bright red plastron seemed woven of bright red cloth and has incredible beauty.

Not all, however, were dressed alike, but only those of them who seemed to possess a higher position than the others. The largest, with a red face, was with two attendants. Another, with a lighter face and shorter, was with three attendants. Thus, there have been seven. We can not say for sure whether they hats. They were, apparently, about 40 years old, at least, no less. When asked who they were, they named themselves as people made out of air, but the births and deaths. However, their long life and can continue our 300 years. When asked about the immortality of the soul, they said that nothing survive personality, which I have a soul. When my father asked them why they did not disclose the location of treasure to people, which themselves knew, they said, to them it is prohibited by a special law, punishing the most severe punishment to those who will open the information to people. They talked to my dad for more than three hours. But when he asked a question relating to the basis of the universe, they disagreed. The largest of them claimed that God created the world! immemorial. The other, on the contrary, he said that God created the world little by little, so that if he stayed in his creation even for a moment, the world would perish … Whatever it was — fact or fable — but so it is.

Here is another very remarkable case. Almost 300 years later, in September 1768, a young man 16 years returned to the University of Leipzig with two companions from Frankfurt. Most of the way was held in the rain, and sometimes coach with difficulty climbing road. One time when travelers had to get out of the carriage and walk the horses, the young man said just above the ground strange glowing object.

Suddenly, in a ravine on the left of the road, I saw a kind of beautifully lit amphitheater. In the air, glittering little lights in the form of a tube in an infinite number of

The young man in question, called Goethe. This curious description can be found in the sixth book of the great poet's autobiography.

"I do not have submitted to the German poet and scientist case to learn more about these luminous creatures, if he lived in the XX century? If you could resurrect Paracelsus did not find it and it would be new material for his theories about the nature of these strange and fleeting races — beings who came from the sky? .. "

I think we can say with a high degree of confidence that their attention was immediately drawn to the archives in a UFO landing.

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