UK: fully deciphered female sex chromosome




The scientists managed to decipher one of the sex chromosomes of man — the X-chromosome, says the magazine Nature. In addition, it is assumed that it performs in the women's body is much more functions than previously thought.

A large group of researchers led by Professor Mark Ross (Mark T. Ross) from the British Institute Wellcome Trust Sanger (it should be noted that this institution has played a leading role in the project "Human Genome") analyzed more than 155 million base pairs that make up the more than 1,100 genes of the X- chromosome. Ross believes that this will allow scientists to learn more about hereditary diseases, at least 300 of which are associated with the X chromosome.

"X-chromosome has played a key role in human genetics in the early stages of development, so we can clearly see how the mutations cause disease," — says David Bentley (David Bentley) from the same institution.

And the American scientist Willard Hunt (Hunt Willard) from Duke University (Duke University) in North Carolina and Laura Carrel (Laura Carrel) from the Medical College of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania State College of Medicine) were able to establish that the women in the second X chromosome are active on 10 to 15 percent of the genes. Previously, it was believed that a second sex chromosome in women, "silent."

It is this activity, "plus" gene, according to researchers, may be due to many differences between men and women is not only physiological, but also at the behavioral level.

Battery News, 21.03.2005 13:14

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