Ukraine declassified files on UFOs

October 23, 2011 23:31

Over the past few years, a growing awareness of human contact with the UFO. Many European countries, as well as the United States has opened access to certain classified material. Finally, Ukraine joins these countries.
Jaroslav Socko (head UFO club UFODOS) commented that this worldwide event, because a lot of interesting offers. The archive has about five hundred facts and observations about the unknown flying, from the XVII to the present day.

His work UFOBUA (archive UFO Ukraine) began in 2004, with the collection of printed information people about UFOs. Over time, UFOBUA joined several archives (Sumy UFO club, internet project, "Kosmopoisk", etc.), and since 2007, the archive was replenished with the help of Internet users on the official website. As well, cooperation between the regions of Ukraine.

Mr. Socko says National Archives has no privacy, but it is unique in the fact that nowhere else has collected so much information about unidentified flying objects. Moreover, all the archive data will be open to the public, because the Ukrainian researchers have to boast of.


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