Ukraine plans to sell the documentation on missiles?

Ukraine plans to sell the documentation on missiles?

All this year Ukrainian actions are cause for controversy in the international arena and to perform various actions unfriendly disposition. According to Russian media zabugornyh and, most recently, Ukraine may be involved in another scandal, now the military-technical cooperation. According to some media reports, the current time, representatives of Ukrainian defense industry negotiating with zabugornom employees. The result of these activities could be to transfer some fundamental technologies.

A few days back the reports surfaced that members of the «Southern Machine-Building Plant» (Dnepropetrovsk) negotiate with China. In addition, there is information about some of the talks with an unnamed third party, allegedly taking place in Turkey. International cooperation in the field of industry and military equipment is the most ordinary thing, but recent talks with the role of «Yuzhmash» are cause for concern. Before the collapse of the Union of Russian factory «Pivdenmash» engaged in building intercontinental ballistic missiles. As you know, the documentation on similar systems hitherto stored in the enterprise. Because of this, there is reason to fear the probable transfer of design documentation and technology to third countries.

An additional concern is the financial situation and the associated risk. Ukrainian budget bursting at the seams, causing the new authorities are obliged to find a variety of methods of recruitment. No one can guarantee that a critical principle for the loan from the third country authorities have not resolved to give her the hidden documents. A similar transaction may have an impact of international character. For example, the transmission of documents is able to knock on the nuclear-missile potential of. To «Pivdenmash» once performed intercontinental missiles family P-36M, which hitherto in service RVSN Russia.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has responded to recent announcements. Foreign Ministry reminded that Ukraine is involved in the 2-principal international agreements: Mode Missile Technology Control and the International Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation (Hague Code of Conduct).

Recall volunteer agreement «Regime Missile Technology Control» was opened for signature in 1987 and since that time he was joined by 34 countries. The Agreement provides for control transfers of technology and equipment that can facilitate the creation of missile delivery systems, nuclear weapons. All weapon systems, technologies and equipment that can be used for creating missiles with nuclear warheads, are divided into two categories. Classified as Category I missile systems with a range greater than 300 km and a payload of 500 kg. Category II includes the rest of the system, as different technologies and equipment that are required for the creation of military missiles. In accordance with the agreement, the country can not pass each other product categories I and transmission systems and technologies category II is likely only under certain conditions.

Hague Code of Conduct contains a number Fri, of mandatory execution for the participating countries. This agreement is focused on the creation of non-proliferation of ballistic missile technology capable of carrying a weapon of mass destruction. Namely, the countries that have signed the contract, should not sell ready missiles capable of carrying nuclear or chemical warhead, not to transfer the technology necessary for the creation of similar systems.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation expressed concern about recent reports of Ukrainian industry negotiations with third countries. In addition, the Foreign Ministry hopes that today’s leaders and Ukrainian defense enterprises, despite the difficult domestic and foreign situation as before will do all its commitments and refrain from steps that directly contradict existing international agreements.

Formal proof that the subject of negotiations with the role of «Yuzhmash» is specifically transfer of documentation on missiles, yet was not. Yet, the available data were sufficient reason for the emergence of the Russian Foreign Ministry comment. Zabugornye country had no immediate information about the negotiations Comment out.

If the information is correct on the negotiations, and their theme is really transfer documentation for intercontinental ballistic missiles, all may end big international scandal. Technology transfer and drawings contradicts international agreement and is unlikely to leave a world society that fact without attention. In addition, the transfer of documentation is able to spur the development of missile troops some third country. While no one can guarantee that a similar deal would not affect the balance of power.

From the available information, it follows that the probable recipient of the documentation may be China. This country has a fairly developed strategic missile troops destination (2nd Artillery Corps) and keeps on duty more than a few 10’s of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Using old Russian production and technology, the Chinese designers are fully capable to improve their weapons and so increase the capacity of the 2nd Artillery Corps.

Currently, China longs to be a favorite not only in Southeast Asia, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Such plans official Beijing cause concern among countries in the region are also the countries that have their own interests in the Pacific. Hardly these countries — from the U.S. to Vietnam — will be pleased with the fact that China will get new weapons systems strategic focus. So Makar, the ongoing negotiations may affect the balance of power in one of the largest and most important regions of the planet.

The absence of this disk imaging of the ongoing negotiations with the role of Ukrainian enterprises can serve as a reason for the emergence of a wide variety of guesses. As a potential recipient of technology and documentation already called Israel, and while maintaining the «lack of information» may seem to others speculate. It must be emphasized that even in the absence of clear data on the subject of negotiations and their participants are recent announcements concern several states. What will be the reaction zabugornyh countries directly concerned in the Non-Proliferation of missile weapons — Time will tell.

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