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Who does not dream of during the holiday season, "sunbathe", "soak in the gentle rays of the sun!" They are known to accelerate the circulation of blood in the human body to neutralize infection by killing bacteria. According to some experts, help restore sight …

Since ancient times in India Aesculapius recommended daily contemplate the sun at its rising and setting, which was considered a more efficient procedure than the eye muscle training contemplation of the horizon, etc. However, according to the requirements of his eye on the star had to be wide open, relaxed eyes, and do it only made sense if it was not hidden by clouds. At first, his eye was recommended only in the direction of the sun, but not very light. Over time, the same people who started training with eye disease acquired the ability to direct his eye to the sun without tears and pains in the eyes long enough time.

Using these techniques, metering sunbathing for the eyes, allows, according to the practice of such treatment, to restore the weakened eyesight, for whatever reason, to treat conjunctivitis, trachoma, astigmatism, farsightedness. On their observations, the weakness of the eyes after a hard day's work helps to remove the quiet contemplation of the moon and stars.

New features life-giving force of sunlight seem to be able to recognize the 65-year-old Indian yoga Ratan Manege. A former mechanical engineer from Calcutta convinced that man is capable of changing needs of the organism by observing the light while it rises above the horizon at sunset, standing in bare feet on the ground.

According to him, a few of these procedures can be really feel as solar energy enters the body through the eye pupils. At the same time, claims Manega accumulate in the body, it frees man not only on the physical, but also from various mental illnesses. Under direct sunlight, the brain contains untapped resources, directing them to the power of the body.

The energy obtained them through the sun's rays "for breakfast and dinner," according to Manegi, allowed him for nine years has been ruled out of their daily food intake, limited only by raw water.

The unique method used Manegoy to maintain their livelihoods, of course, attracted the attention of Indian doctors, are familiar with the wonders of local yogis. They are for three years, a survey was carried out and any deviations in the unusual patient was found. However, he did drink only water and "bathed in the rays of the sun." A similar conclusion was reached and American experts who examined Manegu NASA. However, they officially recognized the existence of the "phenomenon Ratan Manegi" confirmed that "catching" sunlight through the eyes of ordinary people more help endure diet, blunting arising from them with hunger.

It should be noted that, for the acquisition of the unique abilities of "recharging" sunlight Manege more than 10 years of special training. The prospect of transition to power, "sunlight" looks very attractive, however, to repeat the phenomenon Ratan Manegi completely no one has.

Alexander Nikolaev, GSS. corr. "Labor." DELHI.


SUN BREAD will not replace

Deputy Director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry MALASHENKO:

— The story of yoga, which is "recharged" with solar energy probably will seem attractive to many low-income Russians. However, you have to disappoint them: a man — not solar battery. In order for our body receives all the necessary for normal functioning of the substance, the half-hour stay in the sun is not enough. And many hours — too.

Of course, in hot weather person needs less food: sometimes quite enough fruit and water. And warm clothes are a normal person at this time is not necessary. The fact that the heat is slowing down the processes of heat transfer and temperature control to maintain required significantly fewer calories than the cold. But in our country, the weather is relatively rare. Even so harass a starvation diet, hoping to "recharge" the light, do not. By the way, excessive sun exposure, especially in times of high activity it is very dangerous. This may cause a malfunction of the heart, blood vessels of the brain, hematopoietic system, promote the development of cancer diseases.

Generally, in the system of yoga is based on many self-suggestion. One of the tenets of the doctrine — deliverance from earthly passions, including the bodily attachment to food. I'm afraid the average Russian is no such attachment will not last long. And our yogi, I think, will not be able to hold only one water.

ak refer to such ideas at all? I knew people who were convinced that the "fed" on the energy space. This gave them the strength and gave rise to new creative impulses. Such confidence did not bring any harm as long as some of them do not have to give up food and then experience hallucinations. Unfortunately, many such cases. It is clear that they end up with heavy psychosomatic disorders. To get involved in such practices, if they can jeopardize the health, strongly recommend.

About hormones JOY?

Candidate of Medical Sciences Valery Sergeev:

— Healing (and sometimes harmful) effects of the sun's rays is studied for a long time. In this case, the important thing is that people are not influenced by sunlight in the middle of the day, and at sunrise and sunset, when it does not carry the same "evil" ultraviolet. Penetrating the man through the eyes, the sun's rays can actually actively influence the metabolic processes in the body. This can cause a feeling of comfort, calm associated with the production of endorphins — the so-called happiness hormones. Rays can blunt the pain, it is possible that prolonged exposure, they are able, to some extent suppress hunger and reduce the appetite. But to say that over time the sun's rays may be the only source of power, it seems to me, is not serious.

On the other hand, much can be attributed to a purely individual characteristics of the individual. It is no accident NASA specialists say that to repeat this experience no one has. In addition, the effect of solar radiation is not fully understood. You can draw a parallel with homeopathy: it after repeated dilution of homeopathic preparations virtually fixed drug molecules, but in the body fluids is relevant information, and as a result we get a healing effect. It is possible that the sun's rays can also change the properties of the liquid medium of the human body (after all, we are all at 90 percent of the liquid) — and thus change and metabolic processes.

Long-term training, special psychological setting, individual properties — all can make a difference. So I would not categorically deny the described phenomenon. Such phenomena are, of course, require further careful study.

Leskov Natalia, Dry Svetlana

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