Under hypnosis — in the future!

December 31, 2011 9:02

Under hypnosis - in the future!The phenomenon of so-called hypnotic regression has long been known, the doctor enters the patient into a hypnotic state, "return" it to the moment of the event, which is necessary to obtain a detailed representation (for example, at the time of the abduction by aliens), and then trying to recover the lost memories of the man. Hypnotic regression is widely used in the U.S., where with the help of help to return the memory to survivors of physical or mental injury.
However, in some cases, the patient entered into a hypnotic state, begins not remember his past, and the events that took place with the long-dead people!

Scientific explanation for this phenomenon has not been found, but all patients are convinced that recall their previous lives. Someone sees himself as a soldier of Napoleon's Guard, some witch inquisitors burned at the stake, and American James Douglas even "remembered" that thousands of years ago he was a pharaoh and ruled Egypt.

Hypnotic regression try to explain the genetic memory. According to some researchers, the information about the past of human ancestors stored in the cells of the brain and is manifested in the subconscious activity. Under hypnosis, a person begins to realize.
This theory could be used as a working, if not for a discovery made the U.S. Dr. Bruce Goldberg. In 1977, during the hypnotic regression to the patient by the name of Frances was suddenly "remember ….. Future!?). There is a record of this unique hypnotic session:
— I worked on a special project.
— What project?
— Small asteroid discovered about Mars … I am instructed to explore it.
— In what year was it?
— In the 2683-m.
In XXVII century as Francesca remembered her name was Tia, and she was an anthropologist. When the asteroid discovered in the vicinity of Mars colony people, Tia was sent to study their culture. With the help of her supervisor she found out relationships within the colony, and has produced a surprising discovery made by people with an asteroid: they learned to separate the mind from the body and with incredible speed to travel the universe!
Dr. Goldberg was shocked. He called the journey to the future under hypnosis hypnotic progression and has since devoted himself to its study. For 22 years of work, he was able to collect materials about the hundreds of cases of memories of the future. But despite the best efforts of Goldberg little progress in the understanding of the phenomenon …
Scientist could only summarize the future, obtained in a number of hypnotic sessions. According to these data, world peace on Earth is established at the end of the XXI century and will last at least 300 years. At the XXII century begins the widespread use of solar energy. At the same time will jump in medicine, and the average human life span will increase to 90 years.
XXIII century will be the century of technological progress. Transportation will be silent and incredibly eco ¬ nomichnym. Nuclear engineers equip the engine even individual vehicles. People learn to control the weather, and the average life expectancy will increase to 110. But politically the world is split into two
half — East and West. Between them in the XXIV century breaks out nuclear war that will change the face of the Earth and will lead to a billion victims.
After the war, humanity will be led by a single government. Encounter huge underwater city, where badly depleted population of the planet once again regain its strength. XXVI century will be marked by an unprecedented genetic discoveries, through which most of the diseases will disappear, and the average life expectancy will increase to 125 years! The primary task of science will study planets in the solar system and the creation of some of these large settlements of people.
According to Dr. Goldberg, hardly anyone of the patients "remembers" the future of more than ten centuries to come. However isolated cases of such "memories" can talk about the future in many centuries terrible war or cataclysm. There is a chance that it will cease to exist if the human race. If people are lucky and they survive, then, according to Goldberg, about 5000 AD, humanity completely reborn by going to a higher stage of development. That comes next, no patient in a state of hypnotic progression, could not tell.
Picture of the development of mankind, made by Dr. Goldberg on the basis of hypnotic progression, is remarkably well correlated with the futuristic predictions of scientists. And if people really can "remember" the future of life, there is a whole series of questions: What is time? What is life? etc. If hypnotic progression is a game of the mind, there will be no less challenging questions about the properties of the human mind.

Igor Cherkasov
"Kaleidoscope. UFO "

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