Under the guise of beef meat was sold in rats and foxes


In China, the grand gastronomic scandal erupted: under the guise of beef and lamb sold to buyers rats and foxes. 904 people have already been arrested.

More than 900 people were arrested in China, involved in the production of a "fake" beef and mutton, which is sold under the guise of semi-finished products of rats and foxes.

According to the Ministry of Public Security of China, the first time the "rat delicacies" were seen on the market on January 25. Since then, the campaign is to identify fakes and all those involved in its production and sales. Security officials seized more than 20 tons of illegally manufactured products and arrested 904 people, one way or another involved in the "rat fraud," ITAR-TASS.

During the investigation it was found that, for example, in eastern China, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi City, "lamb" meat produced from fox, mink and rats with the addition of chemicals. The sale of such meat products manufacturers brought more than 10 million yuan (1.62 million U.S. dollars), the report says.

Furthermore, unscrupulous manufacturers implicated that in some cases also during the production process of the water injected into the meat, the chemicals used in the processing of meat products, as well as its storage time violated.

The fact whether the products are shipped for export, not yet reported.

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