Undercover anti-missile defense («Al Jazeera», Arab press)

Mystery Missile Defense («Al Jazeera», Arab press)

Cool war ended two decades back, but the dream Ronald Reagan once called Russian Alliance "evil empire" of impenetrable missile shield once again began to have an impact on the South American example program in the field of national security.

In the evening Wednesday, the U.S. experienced a new interceptors, spending 100 million bucks to start with the Pacific Marshall Islands rocket toward California.

Mystery Missile Defense («Al Jazeera», Arab press)

Missile system ultimately did not work: stage interception, which was hit by a missile from the sky, flew past the goal and longest list of failed test of a costly defense project, added another pt.

After the end of the war America izderzhala cool on missile defense system "approximately 100 billion dollars," said the correspondent of Al Jazeera spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency, Richard Lehner (Richard Lehner).

Bad tests last Wednesday was particularly important because the alleged attempt to intercept warheads instead of common training exercises to test the rocket to put a certain point, says Ian Anthony (Ian Anthony), coordinator of the research institute of the Stockholm international peace research problems (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

Huge funds

Despite the constant technological difficulties associated with the system, whitewashed house has requested for the next (2011) year of saving 9.9 billion dollars on programs from missile defense, told Al Jazeera correspondent Anthony.

Doctor of Science and International Security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Theodore Postol (Theodore Postol), a former adviser to the Chief of Staff of Science of the U.S. Navy, these costs do not like. Arms expert who is hard to call starry-eyed liberal, just do not believe in the fact that the missile defense project at the technical level is feasible.

"If you see this idea in engineering or defense nuance, it turns out that it is meaningless," — said Postol Al Jazeera.

Even if you throw away prepyadstviya technology and the highest financial price if President Barack Obama is serious to lower the possibility of nuclear war, to develop the newest missile system — this is obviously not the best way to strengthen international confidence.

"The U.S. loves to name only a defensive missile system — says Dr. international relations Belgian Antwerp Institute of Tom Sauer (Tom Sauer). — The problem is that the Russian or Chinese, it may seem threatening or brutal. In such matters, it all depends on the point of view. "

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, last KGB, well versed in the history of cool war, believes that the U.S. plans to build in Eastern Europe "missile shield" reminiscent of the Caribbean decline in 1962, during which the world was on the brink of nuclear war.

"The Bush administration implied locate a radar station in the Czech Republic and in Poland — interceptor missiles," — says Dr. Sauer. Obama is not rocket veered utility for Eastern Europe, and it changed only slightly.

"Now you want to deploy in Poland and Romania ground missile SM-3 (modification of missiles," surface-to-air ") to protect Europe from ballistic missiles, short-and medium-range missiles," — says the press-secretary of the Missile Defense Agency Lehner.

Mystery Missile Defense («Al Jazeera», Arab press)

Washington "hawks"

But, despite the U.S. and NATO plans to create a "shield" in the countries of the former Russian bloc, the "hawks" of Washington defense circles do not look satisfied.

"The Obama administration has a policy of reset relations with Russia. How can I create, at the moment it looks a hundred percent one-sided and profitable for Russia, "- says security expert restricted stock" Heritage "Baker Spring (Baker Spring).

Our homeland and the U.S. agreed to a new contract on the reduction of nuclear arms, which bears the title of START which limits the arsenals of the former war enemies cool at 1,550 warheads and 700 delivery vehicles on each side. This is enough to kill the whole world a couple of times in a row.

Some Republican senators, including Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming (John Barrasso), believe that this contract can prevent the United States implement plans for missile defense, and plan to vote against it.

But to lay down responsibility for the arms build-up on programs from the "hawks" of the Republican Party would be historically inaccurate. For example, the Democratic administration of Bill Clinton's 1000 proposed a draft placement of interceptor missiles in space as part of its Strategic Defense Initiative, which critics called "Star Wars."

"We believe that the programm Obama administration should include this in itself ", — said the reporter Spring Al Jazeera.

In response to a question about the ideas of the fund "Heritage" Postol laughed, calling the professionals Fund "ideologues" who do not understand the scientific basis of the defense programs that they support.

"Disappointment in Obama"

In general, the doctor MIT and past Advisor to the Chief of Naval Staff criticizes not only the foundation of "Heritage", and Obama.

"The Obama administration is making false statements about the technical capabilities of missile defense, just as they did before it, the Bush administration. As a person who supports Obama, I am very disappointed, "- says Postol.

Obviously, Lehner of the Missile Defense Agency said program from a technical level, successful, despite the broken-down tests on Wednesday.

"In general, since that time, in 2001, was deployed BMDS (defense system against ballistic missiles developed by Boeing), we had 46 successful interceptions on 58 attempts," — he says.

Mystery Missile Defense («Al Jazeera», Arab press)

But, according to the views of Postol, do these tests, "in fact, a fake," because if the results meet the "minimum standards", they are listed as successful.

There are different types of systems aimed at the reflection of rockets short, medium and long range. At the base of missile defense is thought to repel a bullet bullet — or at the surface, as in the case of complexes "Patriot, used in 1991 during the Gulf War, or high in the atmo
sphere or in space, in which fly intercontinental ballistic missiles.

"The problem is that the systems are operating at a great height, are vulnerable to conventional countermeasures — says Postol. According to him, the usual, a cheap and effective way to fool the missile defense — it's balloons or wrong target. "So far no one has it managed to explain to me why this should not be worried," — he added.

"Military-Industrial Complex"

North Korea and Iran, a country to which the United States cited to justify the creation of a missile defense simply can resort to similar countermeasures that make sophisticated technology worthless, says Sauer, an expert on international relations.

But if these technologies do not work, then what is behind applets missile defense?

Postol said that the case of the Inter-political dilemmas and a desire to appease the Europeans to America. Republicans, he said, support the technology, although not understand how it works, and the Democrats do not want to show up the slack in matters of national security.

NATO, devoid of meaning of existence from the time of cool war on his own last summit in Lisbon announced the creation of a missile defense of its own new challenges.

Sauer believes that South American inter-party struggle, of course, plays a role, but for the expensive project is something more profound than a confrontation between Republicans and Democrats. In the end, specifically the Clinton administration revived this example program, which after the war could be cool just forgot.

The company Boeing, which gets most of the related to missile defense orders, a creation in all fifty states. Therefore, if a bad project will close, in his defense, according to the views of Sauer, act local politicians who fear the coming of unemployment and the loss of votes.

"A lot of congressmen who want to achieve more funding for these programs to be associated with the military-industrial complex" — says Sauer.

"In fact, this example program to create jobs in the United States."

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