Undercover Egyptian mummy

The Mystery of Egyptian mummiesUntold facts revealed a group of scientists who conducted his research in 2011 in the Plain of Kings, located in Egypt. In one found in large the depth of the sarcophagi, which belonged to the wife of the 1st of the senior princes named Atum, was found quixotic sealed container made of metal. Opening it, one of the officers of the Egyptian Museum Sahdi al-Mirza, saw a very well-preserved petals of a person's skin. Discovery made a great memory and called on scientists large stir in the press. There are disputes over whether what was meant these lobes of the skin in the tomb of the Egyptian dead. The debate did not die down for several weeks.

In May 2011, the Belgian-French group of biologists led by Martin Billiet painstakingly researched and made the find such a conclusion: in the Old Egypt could be plastic surgery. And if the existence of cosmetology in the Old Egypt has long been known, and in recent years for cosmetology course in Moscow, Rome, London and New York even developed applets based learning to unravel the mysteries of the Egyptian cosmetics, here's Egyptian sculpture has become a true sensation.

It concluded that Egypt for a long time before the advent of modern times worked very true plastic doctors, scientists from France and Belgium came after painstakingly researched Egyptian mummy. On the neck and face of the deceased showed signs of skin grafting. Prince Billiet implies that the death occurred as a result of the Egyptian disease particularly of the skin. And, apparently, the Egyptian doctors tried to save the latter not only the beauty, and the life of a wife of Atum. It turned out that at the time of the death of the lady was not more than 26-28 years. In addition, Martin Billiet sure that the plastic surgeries performed in this case many times, and pieces of skin were kept "in reserve". That's why a container of skin and ended up in a tomb at the Plain of Kings.
The research professionals and those petals touched the skin, which were found in the tomb. It was found that skin belonged to a different person, in this case is not a close relative of the deceased. It says that in ancient Egypt was quite vserasprostranena plastic and could use a popular amidst a reputable persons.

Because we talk about plastic surgery as an achievement of modern science now is not necessary.

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