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Mystery charm of the great commanderOur Suvorov — this majestic Russian hero, in all original, constantly and deeply folk, His name — the name of an immutable: the glory of it — undeniable fame, and his moral image is surprisingly clear and complete. It can point to the honor and pride of our son every stately country. And looking at it with a sense of national pride, we can and should read for yourself and others: "Take care of his spiritual heritage!"

He was a fighter, but it aligned pluses that are needed not one soldier, and every servant of the motherland. He — the hero folk in the full sense of the word. Everyone understands how he adored own people — an apt word adored Russian, Russian songs and proverbs, Russian customs, even the dishes, but it's more for the outer. The main thing about him is that he was like povit our national spirit in the inner world of their own. And at first, our hero — the son and favorite of folk religious faith. He trained her in the family home from the days of early youth, he studied her, and later, while living in close and concrete communion with the soldiers in their barracks and singing together with them in the first years of his own life, the duties of a lower rank. His regular, measured, profound and strong religiosity seems to be flowed into it from the depths of the spirit of our God-loving people. Always it is similar and it is unchangeable: and on the field of battle, and in the ecstasy of glory, and a home life, and in the choir or the bell tower of the village church, in which he sang and read, gave a censer, and the rules of the post sexton, being the rank of generalissimo . He is not the theological, not philosophize in matters of faith, does not seek to "correct" way or another church: he loves her downtime, heartfelt love, humility, childish, bezhitrostno as good, devout Christian, he sees in it the support and management of life .

"Soldier — a Christian and not a robber" — that's his opinion on the fighters. "In the house are not getting, not to kill unarmed, with the ladies not to wage war, begging for mercy to pardon, the young do not touch" — that's the conclusion of his religious opinions. "I am dying for the Church and for the King; stay — honor and glory, die — The Church prays to God" — and that's truly the people's warning to his men. He built the first church in the modern Ladoga, when there was commander — a trait again purely folk, he immediately arranged for a school in which he taught the kids Soldiers Law of God, and for the general development of the religious soldier watched with great attention. And his devotion was purely folk. Happy times a day, wearing one of his own orders, he prayed with singing, walking into the room, and was baptized on the form; always worked before dinner prayer, even yawning, and was baptized, past the church did not pass without praying; ministered himself sang in the choir, read the Apostle Church and knew our everyday life.

We must not forget that such a deep and ordinary religious Suvorov kept in an age of unbelief and spill craze frivolous and free-thinking philosophy encyclopedic, faith in him, as in all the stately people get along with a big brain, with the highest and thorough education at that time, over he worked a lifetime. And not doing, not artificial in it was this religion: To see this, it is enough to know his childhood, in which he showed extraordinary devotion, reading the Scriptures and love to the service of God enough to know his mature years of activity in which religion is everywhere he served as a support and management and defined his view of the world, need to know about his death-minute time that he spent as a devout Christian, a communion of Christ's Puzzles and touching farewell with all the others. On the other hand, never Delaney religiosity would not enticed to him the hearts of a fighter who felt close to him, the spirit of the native people, understood it perfectly. Certainly, stately commander read our people the language of his faith, not by hired, and with all my heart and the heart. Here and secret of its impact, sanctuary of his All-Russian glory of his nation. Even in the famous jokes and oddities it affects something resembling Russian fools of old times, these hitherto remained an enigma, and laughed teachers and educators of our national spirit.

But when it was necessary, Suvorov was able to show that religion in it — not a ritual, and the deepest and the main foundation of his life. Then he loomed up inspired euphony and to realizing the most subtle manifestations of moral standard, the most subtle colors of the moral sense. "Hero — says he — dare no temper, frisky without haste, initiative, without haste, without subordinated Supple, head without arrogance, a favorite without vanity, without a generous pride available without guile, without pretense modest, pleasant without levity, without mandatory greed, insightful without guile, without sincere oploshki and sharpness of benevolence without twists, helpful without self-interest; enemy envy, hatred and revenge, he deposes competitors goodness, faithfulness manages friends. He is the ruler of modesty and temperance. Morality — his religion, he is full of candor and despised heresy, right to their liking, he rejects the falsehood, in the affairs of their own it weighs items equalizes up and surrenders to Divine Providence. "

This idea of a balanced moral man made for himself Suvorov at a time when, under the corrupting influence, prestige, sensual philosophy of his century reigned everywhere laxity of character and moral indifference, and such an idea, and he was able to perform the most difficult in the reign of intrigue, unexpected rises and falls. In an environment that is often packed with lies and deceit of the relationship, from time to time in the criteria for submission to any zavistnomu capricious and temporary workers, particularly in the early stages of their own, Suvorov everywhere maintained his candor, honesty and devotion to duty, and history knows that he is not disgraced himself does bezchestnym. In such a devotion to duty, the service and the moral, sanctuary and his posthumous appeal. Surprisingly deep was it the consciousness of duty. It is clear that in of early youth, when he was an ordinary fighter, he surprised the Empress of the act, when standing on the clock, has refused to accept a gift from her.

Sense of duty samoyu later passes through a remarkable feature of all its life: The war in peaceful civilian activities, and management of command, in glory and in serious circumstances disgrace and persecution, echoing in the capital in the middle of the court and in the solitude of the village, which sharpened his envy of opponents and where he lived without a murmur, without complaints and lamentations, dedicated power and duty of obedience in all circumstances of life. "Learn to obey before, you will command the other, and be a good fighter, if you want to be a good field marshal," — these are the words of the Suvorov. But debt and obedience to him — this is no ordinary repair, not an ordinary accuracy of these characteristics exist and honest mercenary. Debt and obedience ceases to be unsolved riddle and grow into a gigantic moral force when filled with love and interpreted religion.

Such devotees of the conscious and the lover of duty, as the patriarch Abraham and Hermogenes Palitsin as Minin or Dolgoruky, as Suvorov or Nakhimov — these people will not give the usual accuracy and serviceability, wil
l not give the most honest mercenaries, these people either hire or purchase unreal! It needs educated on the basis of nationality, religion sanctified by love of country — the one true and noble patriotism, which, without referring to the narrow and intolerant nationalism and national zoological zadoristoe selfish egotism, likes homeland selfless love, simplicity, clarity and fervor of soul, just simple, clear and hot as a child loves his mother, just a free and natural as flowing rovnenkaya , measured and our deepest river of the North, as a naturally lit and warm sun as natural breasts our breathing air … And our Suvorov was breathing with such a love for the country and its own duty to contemplate and to spiritualize it. Is it necessary to add that these particular people alive and strong and everlasting every public organization? "All things begin with the blessing of God, to be faithful to their last breath sir and Fatherland" — that's his words that can be called a covenant of future generations. Whatever the majestic monument erected to him now or granite or metal, the best and most reliable monument to him is a never-ending memory of him in the hearts of grateful and following its precepts.

Remembering it now — a day of prayer for the King and of our fatherland, we wish sincerely and prayerfully before the King of Kings will ask that the road is not impoverished Russian carriers such spirit, that the image of Suvorov — this majestic warriors and good citizenship — had we not only glorious historical memory, and repeated, and carried out, and so Makarov continued life in the surrounding living reality. Amen.

John Vostorgov

We are a day centennial
a day or destruction of majestic Russian
the leader of the AV Suvorov.

Uttered in Tiflis
Alexander Nevskomvoennom Cathedral May 6, 1900

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