United Kingdom: a volcanic eruption can complete the history of mankind




Mankind may die as a result of a giant volcanic eruption, according to British scientists. According to Stephen Self (Stephen Self) from the Open University in the UK in an interview electronic journal LiveScience, ways to prevent a catastrophe does not exist. While scientists are developing a strategy to combat the "external threat" — for example, trying to prevent the collision of Earth with an asteroid — the main danger is in the immediate vicinity.

Geophysicists claim that some volcanoes are capable of eruptions hundreds of times more powerful than ever observed. Disasters of this magnitude, however, have occurred on Earth — long before the advent of civilization. Earlier, American geologists have discovered a relatively shallow meter layer of volcanic ash in Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone). The culprit of its occurrence is considered exceptionally strong eruption that occurred about 620,000 years ago. Monument to this event are the giant crater — the caldera that formed after the destruction of the "devastated" volcanoes.

The consequences of a giant eruption in detail in the report submitted to the Working Group on Natural Disasters of the Government of the United Kingdom. Sufficiently large areas are buried under a layer of lava and dust thrown into the atmosphere and ash make it difficult for sunlight to the earth's surface, which affects the global climate.

As shown in a study by Michael Rampino (Michael Rampino) of the University of New York, "sverhizverzhenie" Toba volcano on the island of Sumatra, which occurred 74,000 years ago, has led to a marked cooling and the death of three-fourths of the flora of the northern hemisphere.

Battery News, 10.03.2005 6:20
Source: lenta.ru

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