United States adopted a destroyer-type Arleigh Burke

United States adopted a destroyer-type "Arleigh Burke"

The U.S. Navy took on the armament 62 th destroyer of "Arli Burke. " Ship was named in honor of Lieutenant Special Forces United States Navy ("Navy SEALs"), Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005.

Ship was founded in June 2010 by Bath Iron Works shipyard of General Dynamics. Launching in May 2011.

The lead ship of the project — "Arly Burke "- was adopted by the armament in 1991. In total, the U.S. Navy planned to arm 62 such destroyers. But in 2008, it was decided to expand the program from the construction of up to 75 ships.

The destroyer "Michael Murphy" has a displacement of 9200 tons and is capable of speeds above 30 knots. The crew of the ship is designed for 380 people, including officers. At the armed destroyer, namely, stand cruise missiles Tomahawk, anti-aircraft missiles SM-2, 324 mm caliber torpedoes, gun caliber of 127 mm, and 12.7 mm machine guns.

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