United States launched into orbit a new military communications satellite

United States launched into orbit the latest military communications satelliteU.S. military launched into orbit satellite connection of the latest generation AEHF (Advanced Extremely High Frequency), reports Reuters. Atlas booster with 5 satellite on board was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral on Friday, May 4, at 14:24 Eastern Standard Time.

Launched satellite will be the second in a grouping AEHF. It is planned that after the formation of AEHF satellite constellation, it will go four such gallakticheskih machine. The price of each satellite AEHF exceed billion dollars. Its service life — 14 years.

First satellite AEHF, which is engaged in the development of the company Lockheed Martin, was launched into space on 14 August 2010. But because of technical problems to bring it to operational orbit was only 14 months after start-up. U.S. Department of Defense satellite AEHF-1 was given only at the end of April 2012.

It is planned that the satellites AEHF will change the constellation Milstar. They will be compatible with old satellites and ground-based communication terminals that will allow seamless migration to new technologies. The use of very high frequencies allows AEHF satellites compared with Milstar 6-fold increase transmission speed and 10 times the volume increment of traffic. In addition, the AEHF system more resistant to jamming and provide overcharge protection latent disk imaging.

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