United States no longer consider Russia as a harsh opponent

United States no longer consider Russia as a serious opponentThis, according to professional, explained the Pentagon's decision to regroup forces from Europe to Asia

In the conditions of the growing shortage of budget resources has recently designated "crisis manager" Pentagon Leon Panetta started to optimize and match the global expansionist machine to the hard realities of the U.S. financial crisis. Given that the center of Washington's geopolitical ambitions neocons shifting more and more to east, Snow-white house decided to donate their military presence in Europe.

Recall that since the end of the second World War, an old light can not escape from the cuddles American "soldiers-liberators", the boots are so far trampling the ground in European democracies. But in a situation of crisis and the continuing emergence of new militaristic projects (creation of the European missile defense system and preparing for a military operation against Iran) is getting more expensive pleasure.

As has become clear in recent years "European U.S. aircraft carrier" will leave two of the four army brigades stationed there. This was personally declared U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, speaking at the end of last week, before the soldiers at Fort Bliss (Texas). The information with which specific military bases «yankee» in uniform will be required to «go home», is not specified. But, according to some media reports, it is likely talking about gangs, stationed in Germany (though sung in the style of "industrial metal" band "Rammstein" base, most likely will not touch). With all this military facilities vacated in federal states of Hesse and Baden-Wurttemberg, should be transferred to the Bundeswehr. In the end, the total number of U.S. troops remaining in Europe, approximately 30,000 people.

Apparently, the released funds and human resources, are likely to be redeployed to meet the challenges the power of "democratization" of the Near and Middle East. Designated reshuffle, in principle, is not clear compliment to the address of, as evidenced by the fact that Washington, despite diligently encouraged by them and pro-American elites in Europe fabulous phobia of Russian danger, no longer considers Russia as a severe danger to the European Theater actions. And continuing the strategic potential of our country will neutralize means intensely crisp white house being built in Europe missile defense system. So Makar, the numerical reduction of U.S. military forces in essence means only a change of emphasis in the power of foreign policy of U.S. expansion in this part of the planet with a more mundane weapons sverhtehnologichny military means to ensure its hegemony.

Forthcoming reformatting the U.S. military presence in the world in an interview KM.RU commented Vice President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov:

— In military language it is called "strategic regrouping of forces", which is due to the configuration of the area of their possible implementation. The fact that the U.S. is headed for quite a force to establish political and military control of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The cause of the ordinary: two military defeats in a row, in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that those troops who solve puzzle hold the South American control over these regions, it is obvious enough. A means grouping of troops should be increased.

In addition, the U.S. abruptly lose impact the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Pakistan, experiencing Chinese impact, more than getting out of the South American control. In the area of Near East South American impact is replaced by the Saudi influence. Then come to power Islamists associated with the Saudis in general, than the United States. This, in turn, causes a severe danger to the security of Israel and, therefore, do not like the Israeli lobby in the South American establishment. In order to ensure the restoration of their own influence and control over designated regions and make effective against the spread of Chinese influence, the United States produced its own strategic redeployment of troops. It also shows that the military danger in the Middle East and Southeast Asia continue to grow.

U.S. may allow themselves to withdraw some troops from Europe as our home at this time is not considered by them as a severe military opponent. Moreover, the Soviet Union threatened the West only as a country that is engaged in the construction of socialism. And in the criteria, when we participate in the capitalist project and are struggling to integrate into the international community, we hand over its geopolitical interests and allies, the U.S. makes sense to concentrate on other tasks, and specifically on how to ensure the expansion of its own impact in other regions the planet.

With all this I wanted to point out the subsequent. Many experts they say that we should follow the example of the United States, which reduce the classical ground forces and an emphasis on modern forms of warfare. As an example, often we hear about "Operation Desert Storm" in Iraq. In fact in order to solve the puzzles in this country, the U.S. was obliged to concentrate large forces. For example, an advantage in aircraft equipment was more than six-fold. On ships and it was quite an advantage hundredfold. And double armored an advantage. Only Field Artillery Iraq was on a par with the United States. Or take the "Operation Shock and Awe", there is a gap in armaments more …

In fact, the case, the United States achieved some of success in Iraq and Afghanistan only through the tremendous advantages capable of. They suppressed the air defense system, that later systematically vybomblivat population and troops. When NATO troops faced an opponent comparable level (I mean the operation in Libya), they solved the puzzle in a few months. Or take the August war between Russia and Georgia. The number of our troops in the conflict zone itself was about the same as the Georgian side. Yet, we have broken them very quickly, unlike the Yankees, who need repeated an advantage in force. As regards the alleged Pentagon downsizing the military land forces instead of today's 560,000 to 490,000, it is — just a pathetic interest. That is, on the combat effectiveness of this will affect very nekordinalno.

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