United States refused to finance the program from the development of laser systems

United States refused to fund a program to develop laser systemsUnited States refused to finance the program from development laser systems, designed to shoot down missiles. This unit, according to the previously shown disk imaging, was to be installed on ships of the South American Navy.

According to the Committee of the U.S. Senate Armed Services project to deploy Laser installations on ships in general, does not go into any bill, and economical means to it are not forthcoming. According to experts, the creation of systems that utilize a free electron laser, was unreasonably expensive, and that was the premise for denying upcoming funding.

Another discrepancy, which served as a denial of funding was the lack of power-designed laser system ships from the grid — the engineers have not been able to find a solution to this issue. If development programs from the liquidation of enemy missiles with lasers continued, then, analysts' estimates, its commissioning would be held in 2020, writes portal engadget.com.

It's not too far away the first attempt to use laser technology Yankees in the state system of missile defense. In the late summer of 2009 it became clear about trying to do to Boeing Aircraft laser, designed to destroy ballistic missiles.

The representative of the Academy of Engineering Sciences Yuri Zaitsev saw that such development is carried out and the Russian research institutes, and it all started back in the 70's of the last century, when the Soviet Union for the first time experienced a heavy duty laser system. In the 90-ies of XX century, been tested a number of aircraft with lasers on board, namely, model A-60 (experimental flying laboratory, laser gun carrier on the basis of the Il-76MD). According to some reports, the project is not closed so far, and to date conducted tests of laser technology in aviation.

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