United States will increase the efficiency of lasers

United States will increase the efficiency of lasersNorthrop Grumman Corporation wants to consolidate its steady progress in the area of Laser technologies of implementation programs from the Ministry of Defense Robust Electric Laser Initiative (RELI), which is seen as the first step in developing a more efficient, compact and light systems.

According to the Defence Talk, missile defense command center of the U.S. Army in the town of Huntsville (Alabama pcs) made with Northrop Grumman the original contract in the amount of 8.8 million dollars. for a period of 2 years with the right of substitution to another five-year agreement worth is 53.3 million.

The program RELI to increment the efficiency of laser systems by 30% or more due to the creation of the beam power of 25 kW with the ability to increase to 100 kW. It is claimed that such a facility may be located on a military platform. Available solid-state lasers at the present time, according to representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense, have an efficiency of less than 20%.

"The program RELI — A natural extension of our previous successfully completed first in 2009 for the development of programs from Laser technologies based on solid-state «Joint High Power Solid State Laser program», — said Steve Hickson (Steve Hixson), vice president of systems development directed energy sector aerospace systems company Northrop Grumman.

"Thanks to RELI, We believe the U.S. Defense Department will be able to extend the possibility of using laser technology for military purposes, "- he singled out. The aim is to create programs from reliable, able to deploy a system that easily can be used together with other innovations and developments the U.S. Defense Department, and separately — on special order in all branches of the armed forces.

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