USA — Prof. fanning the situation around Iran

USA - professional fanning the situation around IranAs Prof. contractor's own aspirations, the U.S. needs to pay tribute — so realize their ambitions do not go out more than anybody. Recent military conflicts in which the United States was the main schemer ongoing operations, have shown that the United States is only just "only trying to save the world for democracy." True, they do it as they can, and they can do it by force.

Set the time to attach to the values of democracy and the Islamic government of Iran. Well, what if it does not want to, they just did not try, and try as they like it, like it should.

Pressure on Iran goes on all channels likely impact. Uniformly drawn media fanning the situation. And the truth is they — the South American's true, well, or that they are presented as the truth. All information is spread throughout the world, referring to the famous South American news channels. And bring information to the people in the world because they are presented to the American public. You anywhere beheld announcements with links to Iranian news channels? If beheld, against the background of the rest of the disk imaging, it has long been lost not only the meaning, and has long been forgotten.

Washington accuses Iran management in promoting the assassination of the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States. So the media have made of MATATE with his report on the not to distant developing a nuclear bomb in Iran actually saviors of the world on the ground. As for the proposal to exclude you from the U.S. list of terrorist group "Mujahideen of the Iranian people," for this is to ask groups to bring actions to fight the Iranian government.
One of the reasons of such action — to prevent Iran the circle of the elect, in the range of nuclear weapons. But the presence of a nuclear bomb does not mean its early use, the same Israel has a much better chance to use the nuclear weapon to solve their problems, and they had so many that it can only posoboleznovat.

Iranian mode, with a bomb in his own asset, never allow it to enter the Arab extremists, because then you can just give up on all the results. The United States is one of the major players in the market of armaments. The pace of sales increasing each year, almost all of these weapons is constantly used in the troubled region. It turns out that the self can hold and sell, and the other for some reason you need to ask permission from this "great" democratic strany.A here's another South American media world the truth that without nuclear weapons Iran has the danger of the whole region. After all, the South American peacekeepers left Iraq, the situation is more complicated in Syria.

It turns out that now the region will not live peacefully, because there is no real peacemakers, and in order to relieve the tension in the region, it is necessary to remove the danger in the embryo, though how "democratic" method. He then goes on to argue seriously that at this point you need to Saudi Arabia, the United States, Turkey and Israel to constantly increase the pressure on Tehran and remove from the power of today's "undemocratic" the government of Syria to limit Iran's growing influence in a democratic Iraq.

After all, Syria and Iran have common defense, and that both should click on Iran, Syria may be, will be followed after Iraq on the right path of democracy. And in what scenario this happens, do not fundamentally, because professionalism in the case of the United States, we have greatly appreciated.
Maybe we'll see a real series of paranormal deaths and unexplained explosions in Iran — beloved strategy of "Mossad". Many consider "Mossad" involved in many paranormal or unknown incidents in the region, namely, Iran.

The injection of the situation around Iran and random acts of Governors of States in the region showcase the work of Professor professionals of the highest level. International Club of world democracy gives to realize that for him nothing is unenforceable if the problem is, it can decide how — principal, because minions do not judge, because favorites are specifically write the story and tell the "truth".

Hope Iran

Apart from the U.S. and NATO, there are other players on the world stage. And they are almost all on the side of Iran. Brazil and Turkey have tried to take steps to alleviate the situation in the region last spring. Russian Federation exactly against at least some intervention in Iran and began to pull combat potential in the Iranian direction, plus sent the aircraft carrier naval group in Syria. China, like India, has its own energy and economic interests in Tehran and will definitely opposed to military intervention in region and maybe, just to support Russia in its opposition to the conflict.

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