USA recommends the land of the rising sun do not fear Russia

Japan, the United States advised not to fear Russia

USA recommends the Land of the Rising Sun strengthen cooperation with Russia and do not be afraid of Russian armed forces in the region.

"It (the strengthening of the Russian Armed Forces in the Pacific) is not targeted specifically at Land of the Rising Sun. I think that the Russian Pacific forces are trying to recover from a significant decrease combat effectiveness, while Moscow wants to continue to restore and strengthen the armed forces. I would suggest to carry out military exchanges between the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the land of the rising sun, they also continue between Russia and the United States "- quoted by RIA" Announcements "section Pacific Command of the armed forces of the United States.

According to him, he open a discussion issues of strengthening Russian armed forces in the region with the head of the Defence Forces Land of the Rising Sun. "In the benchmark we want to continue strengthen Relations between the U.S. and Russia, and as we lay our hopes, between Japan and Russia. Russia's armed forces are restored, it becomes significant partners in the region "- highlighted the admiral.

In his view, the concern land of the rising sun Russia's actions caused the missing explanation of the circumstances of the flight in the Pacific Ocean near the northern borders of the land of the rising sun.

Recall now before the minister of foreign affairs of Japan Koichiro Gemba said that Japan wants to continue the dialogue with Russia and to strengthen cooperation between the two countries-name.

He stressed that Tokyo, namely, interested in cooperation in the sphere of extraction of minerals and dialogue "in guaranteeing security." According to him, Our homeland is currently secures the self-confidence, "achieving economic growth and progress in the modernization of the army." According to the views of foreign ministers of Japan, countries now need to continue cooperation energoelementov in the development and dialogue to guarantee security. However, what specific forms of cooperation with Russia in the field of bezopasnoston meant was not specified.

We also add Gemba stressed that regardless of who occupies the presidency in Russia's position Land of the Rising Sun the need to "solve the territorial issue and sign the peace treaty" remains unchanged.

Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time acknowledged the likely economic cooperation Land of the Rising Sun in joint projects with Russia 4 disputed islands in the southern Kuril Islands. But Japanese authorities have identified that their position in the territorial dispute remains constant.

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