Valery Kostka: The prosecutor's office did not warn me and asked

KGB chief Vadim Zaitsev said three versions of the terrorist attack on April 11, among them concerning the presidential election. The head of Minsk police threatens 7 years in prison for those who spreads "lzhezvestki" about the terrorist attacks. The prosecutor's office says a warning three known persons.

April 12 in the first half of the day in relation to the terrorist attack and measures in the search for terrorists spoke head of investigation, Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swede and the Minister of the Interior Anatoly Kuleshov. Later outlined his version of what happened and the chairman of the KGB Vadim Zaytsev. In particular, Zaitsev said there are three versions of the terrorist attack in the subway:

"The first — the destabilization of the situation in Belarus. Some people do not like the way that finds the Belarusian society — that's a fact. This is an attempt to sow fear, panic and frustration by police officers and, therefore, power. "

According to the second version of the KGB, the explosion involved young extremists. The head of the Belarusian KGB recalled completed deal Belarusian anarchists. Zaitsev did not rule out that the explosion — a place that is the case. The third version, according to Vadim Zaitsev, is that the explosion on the conscience of a mentally ill person or a person unhealthy in terms of personal ambition.

In the second half of the day expressed in the Internet and the head of the Minsk city police Leonid Farmagei. Including major general of militia denunciation of Internet users from spreading unverified rumors about new terrorist attacks:

"It is clear the reason and purpose of these hearings. First of all, it is to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Belarus. So I want to warn the Criminal Code, for it is a criminal offense under article three hundred and fortieth sanction on it, among other things, to 7 years in prison. We have information on people who spread these rumors. I think in the near future, we will modify here. "

Meanwhile, prosecutors have extended the information about the detention of three people who spread false information about acts of terrorism in Minsk. It has been reported that they have already put in jail. Like it or not, Leonid Farmagei not say.

According to BelaPAN, prosecutors warned the three famous faces for "spreading false information about the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro." Warned the head of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich, journalist Alexander Starykevich and former KGB Valery Kostka. According to prosecutors, allegedly warned agreed with the prosecutor.

Valery Kostka denied that he was warned, because the procedure was not performed, "I called but have not been warned, and asked me not to spread the information. I said that I did not distribute any information, and express their thoughts. "

According to Valery Kostka, the recent events in the metro showed that the security forces in Belarus have failed to prevent a terrorist attack on the hunt for more opposition than care about the safety of citizens.



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