Valery Paramonov, Nearing sunset of our civilization




In 2012 comes the end of our civilization, the famous film director Juris Podnieksa destroyed the black magician Embirioni is detected drive that allows to overcome space and time. Brad, you might say. President of the Latvian Association of parapsychology and energy metabolism Valery Paramonov does not think so.

Guests of the parallel worlds

— In the name of your association in the first place is the word parapsychology. Why?

— In our time, its existence is no longer in doubt. Today we are talking about its practical application. We deal mainly in the synthesis of knowledge, based on which a forecast is made of evolutionary processes. Prove, the presence of unidentified flying objects will not — that they appear at a frequency of urban trams, everyone knows. 95 percent of UFO — they are representatives of parallel worlds. Many people are mistaken for UFOs phantoms, energy clots.

— Let's be clear that such a parallel world.

— We live in three dimensions — length, width and height. But the earth is also home to people of the fourth, fifth, and other measurements. This is the other systems.

— And now how many civilizations on our planet?

— At least two that are closely watching us.

— And why do they do it?
Our civilization on Earth is not the first — fifth. And it's coming to an end.

— Our studies also show that planets like Earth, there is not in every solar system. Civilizations have created this kind of breeding institute in which a person is prepared to deal with more serious and global challenges. In it you can believe or not to believe, but we are more than 15 years, most seriously engaged in this issue.

— Tell you some horror! And why would someone put us over these experiments?

— Our civilization on Earth is not the first — fifth. And it's coming to an end. But this does not mean that we are waiting for the end of the world. Humanity moves to a new, higher stage of development. According to our estimates, this will happen in 2012. Why is it named this year? Because the Mayan calendar is more accurate than ours, and it ends with the year 2012. How to come to an end and Tibetan, Egyptian, and other calendars known civilizations. This may not be a simple case completely.

Another detail. Take a Bible and a calculator and count. 1844 — the beginning of the Apocalypse. Its end — 2012. Therefore, flying saucers and other representatives of the parallel worlds occupied by the elementary intelligence of our civilization. And they do this in order to make the transition to a new civilization was accomplished with minimal losses for them.

And there will come the Age of Aquarius …

— Humanity is entering an era of Aquarius. It is said that it will bring, in particular, Russia and Latvia stabilization and prosperity. By the way, 10 years ago, when I interviewed Pavel Globa, he said that Latvia will become almost the center of a new civilization.

— What is there to predict? Evolutionary conserved helix was here 700 years ago. At about 40 years of the last century, it began to spin, and in 2000 she began working at full capacity.

By the way, the start of the sixth race, in 2012, it is the entry into the Age of Aquarius. Age of Pisces will end. The person will be dynamically tuned. Now if our brain works by 7 per cent, it will run on 14.

— And yet — what awaits us after 2012?

— Russia takes on Latvia evolutionary spiral. Latvia will fulfill its mission and will receive either a whip or a stick. Depending on what and how to transmit it Russia. I mean, or information or misinformation.

— Will the transition to a new era painless?

— Alas, no. Activated volcanic and tectonic activity. There are three scenarios. According to the first in the world will be 30 percent of the population, the second — half, and the third — 70 percent. Unfortunately, the lights are not the most favorable scenario. The disaster in the Indian Ocean — is one of the most powerful disasters in the history of mankind. Earth as a living organism that clears that it is not satisfied, including excess energy.

The Holy Grail — the cup of knowledge

— At the time, the NKVD and Hitler spent a lot of effort in search of the Holy Grail. Your association is also looking for her. Is there any progress?

— It is believed that the Holy Grail dripping blood of the crucified Christ, and she was standing on the table at the last supper. This is a literal understanding. But much more serious and more powerful. Bowl — is something like philosophers' stone in the Middle Ages. This — INFORMATION.

This is the knowledge that for the time being hidden from mankind. But we are looking for and find.

During the flight, the Americans on the moon was recorded fact of meeting with another civilization. Moreover, the program "Apollo" was terminated after the Americans tried to test a nuclear device out there. That civilization has blocked the blast and asked them to get out of the moon.

— A few years ago, after failed attempts to explore Mars Americans, you said that this action of the Martian civilization, which did not want to let myself nezva-nnyh guests. But now the picture has changed. For earthlings have opened the door?

— Martian civilization decided to give information about the presence of earthlings water there, and thus the possibility of life. But it is also a warning.

— A weird episode when something or someone cleaned the rover's batteries?

— This confirms the conclusion that their civilization has decided to give us the information.

— If you recall, and Saturn's moon, do not you think that in recent years too many discoveries?

— It's time to open secrets. Otherwise our civilization will suffer heavy losses. We must not repeat the mistakes of the previous one, Atlantic civilization. I think the universal mind (or God — as anyone who is closer) does not leave us without the attention.

Rounded up in a different reality

— I heard you wrote a book …

— It will be out in a couple of months. In Crete in 1908, was found a clay tablet-ROM with unknown characters, which are still not deciphered.

— And you decipher them?

— In practice, we read about them.

— And as said plate?

— This disc of Atlantis, a civilization. It represents the perception of Atlanta, which they were given. The disc can overcome space and time, enter into other dimensions. A text — instructions for its use. In other words, if a particular technique a person can enter into some kind of a point in space and pull information out there.

— Or be in the era of the dinosaurs, or XXV, for example, the century?

— Anywhere. It depends on what program deliver, as indicated by the spatial and temporal characteristics. Although, I admit, to the end of the text, we can not decipher, and I doubt that there is someone who can. The fact is that our civilization is aggressive. In parallel worlds we are called. Look: flying saucers we meet missiles, fighters. Therefore, we have not been allowed to fully decipher the letters.

Black magic and otherworldly forces

— In the media of Latvia stated that the famous film director Juris Podnieks died as a result of a mystical stories that happened to him in Sigulda.

— Unfortunately, it did not suit the black magician Embirioni of Georgia, who conducted the rite in Sigulda, able to lead our country to a civil war.

— How often have you had to face the world with exposure to a person?

— In the past year we have been with expeditions in Estonia. From the point of view of the polarity of the country is below zero. We faced there with the fact that the representatives of the parallel worlds were very interested in our work and are constantly trying to control it. As a result of two expeditions had five episodes when a person fell into a state of clinical death. And in this case, the medicine was powerless because the cases were not associated with specific diseases, and the energy impact. But we managed to develop its own system of combat, and therefore no one was killed.

Recently, the world is very much manifested factor influence on the personality. Other civilizations are trying to enslave us. This is reflected in the growth of drug addiction, alcoholism, excessive aggressiveness, nervous disorders. Universal energy coming to Earth. And more and more powerful they become. As evidenced by the fact that the ozone protection (protection from UV radiation) is gradually disappearing from our planet.

— How not subjected to ill-effects?

— Wearing a cross around his neck. This defense worked for thousands of years.


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