Vampires exist: museum curator of the Komi-district vampire tooth knocked out

December 5, 2012 6:22

A mysterious artifact: museum curator of the Komi-district knocked a tooth vampire

Vampires exist. This is sure a resident of the Komi-district, which says that a proper fist knocked one tooth out of ghouls. Now the certificate to communicate with other life forms stored in the museum as the most mysterious of the exhibit.

On that fateful night, recalls the factory museum curator section Pozhva Alexey Panfilov, the sky shone a very bright moon. According to the man, the excavation of the ancient village, he had to meet with a real werewolf, or as he calls him a witness, bloodsucker. Man managed to fight back. As they say, a tooth knocked out his opponent. Now the factory museum collection is the most mysterious artifact.

According to the esoteric and the leading edge of the UFO, the tooth is dangerous for the average person. Touch it is not advised.

But the resident Kudymkar Alexei curiosity got the better — in hands tooth vampire. Says, has always been a skeptic. But after what happened to him, has revised its outlook on the world.
"I do not believe it at first touch. Well, the tooth as a tooth. And on the second day did not go to work — a terrible sore throat, 2 weeks in hospital on a drip, "- says Alex.

On Alexey Panfilov "tooth vampire" has no effect. He recently showed tooth dentists. Doctors found him human, but with an anomaly, really really hot, which is typical for carnivores.

Ufologists push more earthly version: it Bigfoot or prapredok Biarmia ancient civilization.
"In Perm there is a legend that has lived here before Tschudi being Giants" — said Nikolay Subbotin, Director of the Russian UFO Research Station.
Bigfoot locals see from time to time. Describe it about the same, it is always suddenly appears and just as suddenly disappear.

Whose is this tooth — the werewolf or vampire of an ancient civilization — the question is still open. UFOlogists are going to take on the professional expertise of the find. Sure the results will be a loud opening.

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