Victims of aliens do not sleep at night

People who claim that they were abducted by aliens, usually easily believe fantasies and sleep poorly. So say scientists. But, they add, are people so deeply believe that they "happened" that exhibit symptoms of the present stress, similar to that experienced combat veterans.

The results of the latest research in this area was discussed at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), held in Denver, Colorado. "These data underscore the strength of emotional belief, — said in an interview with BBC, BBC Harvard professor Richard McNally. — If you truly believe in what were injured, sincerely remember this, you are experiencing the same psycho-emotional psychological reactions that those who have been injured in fact. "

A whole group of "stolen" to share their experiences with a reporter Bi-bi-si. "Several times I was on the alien ship, and from my body seized graft aliens" — said one of them. This story is typical of all of them.

It is believed that only in America 4 million people live in the belief that they were abducted space aliens. Scientists in these stories do not believe, why do so confidently believe in them themselves, "stolen"? Professor McNally has found that many of them have similar personality characteristics, as well as sleep problems. "Most of them are rooted faith of the new millennium — in fact, that they have passed the bio-energetic therapy, they were living in the past, astral projection, tarot cards, and so on — the researchers said. Secondly, they have a very often observed interruption of sleep, followed by hallucinations. "

All these frightening symptoms often encourages people to turn to doctors who, according to the professor, themselves often offered as an explanation alien abduction, and patients are happy to pick up this version. McNally offers a rational explanation for feelings "stolen", which was supported at a conference in Denver and other psychologists. He says that these people simply easier to live with "the common history." In this case, however, the professor points out that many of these people actually believe deeply in what they say.

In laboratory experiments, these people were asked to share their memories. Then they were given a listen to their stories and recorded at the time the data about their physical reactions. "When the Vietnam veterans give to listen to the stories of their own laboratories or other war stories, their pulse rate, increased sweating. If you do not have post-traumatic stress disorder, so you will not respond to such things — says Professor McNally. — In" stolen "heartbeat and sweating were no less when they reproduce their memories of how they were taken away by aliens and ridiculed them as experiments performed on them. So are people with a real post-traumatic stress syndrome."

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