Vietnamese girl aged for a few days

In Vietnam, the doctors are trying to figure out what happened to 23-year-old girl who has grown old in a few days. So far they have only one assumption: the rapid aging of the body called traditional medicine in which a woman was trying to get rid of allergies.

Nguyen Thi Phuong she says that life has suffered from allergies to seafood. In 2008, her condition worsened. Money for access to qualified doctors she had, and she had bought at a local pharmacy "a cure."

According to the patient, after taking it "became less itchy, but remained on the skin rash." The woman turned to traditional medicine, but "skin became sag, there appeared to fold '- reports referring to The Daily Mail.

Now it looks like an old woman giving birth many times, though her mother had never visited. While she kept her menstrual cycle, in a good condition of the hair and teeth.

Vietnamese girl aged for a few daysDoctors suggest that this disease is caused by long-term use of traditional medicines, which contained corticosteroids. These hormones can cause mastocytosis — a disease in which the skin grows beneath the fat layer, and the skin itself becomes thinner.

However, they have opponents: the use of traditional medicines can not lead to such a rapid aging, they say. According to them, the girl is suffering from an unknown disease science.

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