Vladimir Khalip not believe the prosecutor's office, which denied Ales Mikhalevich

Father journalist Irina Khalip Vladimir Khalip said the test results the prosecution of Ales Mikhalevich statements about torture in the KGB. Another four activists charged softened. Dmitry Dashkevich kept in a cell in the "Volodarka" with an HIV-positive. Statkevich in prison started using glasses.

According to the Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swede, Could not verify a single fact of torture and abuse of prisoners "American" referred to by former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich. April 4, at a specially convened press conference on the results of the verification of statements Michalevic, Mr. Swede said that in the KGB detention center is not used against prisoners or "stretch" or standing naked in the cold, they do not shine in your eyes at night and not being bullied fresh paint. The only thing that is really going on — prisoners during body searches require some time to squat naked. This is — to verify that no man put something in the anus, acknowledged Andrew Swede. The rest, according to the Deputy Attorney General, "misleading information" to the KGB. Therefore, a criminal case into allegations of torture Michalevic Belarus initiate prosecution will not. However, and against Michalevic for libel not zavedut. In fact, by law, it must first notify, which is impossible, since the applicant had fled the country and is now in the Czech Republic, where he asked for political asylum.

Vladimir Khalip, father of the journalist Irina Khalip, also accused in the Dec. 19, says he does not believe a word of the Deputy Attorney General:

Vladimir Khalip

"When the KGB and all this power is beginning to make excuses, they are in my stupid things, it is a shame to hear. Similar arguments they bring against Michalevic. Course, be any doubt or otherwise, as a lot of people doing in Belarus. But, dear my, go at least once in the area. Look at what it does zvyare the square with people. C is not guilty of anything in women, the elderly, teenagers, girls. girl broke up. Not just a coincidence, but in a meaningful way sadistically mutilated girl on the square . What then did the power? She started the investigation, it has punished sadists No, she began to find some excuse. They also find justification in the fact Michalevic. They will lie and lie until the end of his days. "

According to prosecutors, the audit statements Michalevic were interviewed KGB and KGB prison, and inmates Michalevic and other persons whom the prosecution had not called.

April 4 to take part in interrogations at KGB Bar called the coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko, Staff activist Statkievich Sergei Martseleva, one of the founders of the BCD Paul Sevyarinets and journalist Rockets. At the end of the interrogation, it became known that the charge was changed to them softer. Now Bondarenko, Martseleva, Sevyarinets and Khalip is not accused of involvement in the riots and their organizations, and in the preparation or organization of activities that breach public order or active participation in them. The maximum penalty for this article — 3 years of imprisonment. Earlier, there were allegations zmyakchanyya Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, Vital Rymasheuski, Alexander Fyaduta, Andrey Dmitriev, Sergei Wozniak, Anastasia Palazhanka.

Statkevich in a letter to his wife Marina Adamovich denied information to the effect that he agreed with the evidence of his guilt, collected by investigators. This was stated earlier, investigators from the Minsk police. The health Statkevich said that to read, began to use glasses, without which to arrest costing.

Maryna Adamovich told about a letter received from the detention center on Volodarskogo from the leader of the "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich with whom she listuetstsa. More recently, he was kept in a cell with an HIV-infected, Maryna Adamovich:

Marina Adamovich

"He wrote that he is in a cell with 50 people, so sleep in shifts. And yet — there is hold and HIV-infected inmates. All smoking, breathing impossible. However, according to information from there it was transferred after the verdict."

Dashkevich was punished by two years' imprisonment on charges of hooliganism. Along with him 4 years of the colony was an activist of "Young Front" Eduard Lobau. Malady say the case is fabricated to isolate them before the elections and beyond.

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