Vladivostok because of the storm interrupted the movement of boats and ferries

Vladivostok canceled because of the storm movement of sea boats and ferries to the islands.

"Out of — the strong wind, which on Monday reaches more than 20 meters per second, ad storm warning. Low-foot boats and ferries to the islands of Russian and Popov after 13:00 local time (6:00 MSK) canceled "- quoted by RIA" Novosti "representative maritime company" Mortrans. "

The ban may be extended if the afternoon the wind will not decrease.

Recall eastern Primorye are influenced by a tropical storm. There, in the last 16 hours is heavy rain, followed by a cold wind. Precipitation began in the central districts of Primorye, while they are not as intense as on the coast.

A similar situation is observed in some of the neighboring areas, including Olginskiy and Terneisky.

The rain started in the central districts of Primorye, but so far they are not as intense as in the East region.

Recall typhoon "Talas" Last night weakened to a tropical storm and continues to move to the south-east coast of Primorye. Expected loss over the monthly rainfall. Weather in Primorye better to the environment, the storm will move to the Tatar Strait to the coast of the Khabarovsk Territory.

Typhoon "Talas", which struck on September 3 on the Japanese island of Shikoku and the southern part of the island of Honshu, has killed about 30 people, more than 50 are still missing.

Note that the typhoon has caused severe damage to the economy of several regions in Japan. So, it was again closed traffic on the highway, "Tomei" between Tokyo and other major cities of Osaka. The most significant damage typhoon caused Wakayama, Nara, Mie and Hyogo. Flood waters are literally washed away several roads, in addition, was disrupted railway bridge, flooding thousands of homes.

Meanwhile, forecasters warned that heavy rains will continue in parts of the Tokai, Hokuriku, Kansai, Kanto and Tohoku on the island of Honshu, at least, until the morning of 5 September.

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