Vladivostok ducks flying south stumble and fall on the wires

DucksAs reported by the correspondent of RIA "Date's" zoo volunteer at Sadgorod, veterinarian Eugene Skorobogatova, the last two days in Vladivostok were found two wild ducks. In the first case one Sedanka tenants of the houses found in the duck yard, sitting on the ground. Drake landed nearby, he walked beside him and his whole appearance showed concern about the state of his girlfriend. The birds were scared. People turned to the vet and asked what to do with the feathered guests.

In the second case, Eugene man called and told me that picked up a wild duck.

According to the vet, in both cases, the birds do not have serious injuries.

In late autumn ducks gather to pack and fly to warmer climes, but, according to Eugene Skorobogatova, their flight is not always successful. It happens that the birds in the dark hits the poles and wires, and falling. After that ducks are often persecuted and attacked by crows, when migratory birds are exhausted.

With content ducks associated with many difficulties. For example, they do not take food in captivity. To prevent starvation, they must be placed in an enclosure with domestic ducks, while wild birds start to eat, repeating a master's.

These cases are not isolated. And, alas, the fate of birds is not always favorable to them. Fifth of April of this year, Eugene Skorobogatova brought drake duck Mandarin — of the species listed in the Red Book of Russia. Locals caught him on the outskirts of the city. Drake drove crows, and he hit the garage. When people tried to catch him, they tore the bird's tail. After being caught drake lived in the house a week vet, then spent a week at the zoo, and died there because of the refusal of food. Currently stuffed duck Mandarin is in the museum Palo.

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