Voronezh residents discovered a UFO above the reservoir

October 25, 2011 21:19

Voronezh residents discovered a "UFO" above the reservoirWitness the mysterious phenomenon began several Voronezh caught last Friday night in the streets Garshina

Several of Voronezh reported that about 10 pm on September 23 in the skies above the reservoir saw a luminous spot. It was moving slowly on the upward trajectory of ChernavskiT bridge to the North. From a distance the object seemed the size of a pea. Yellowish glow is not detected no wings, propellers, or markings, which must be equipped with modern aircraft. At the very least, this witness has told us, having a diploma aircraft engineers.

The flight lasted a luminous object two or three minutes. Because of imperfect technology to photograph an object no one has. However, the impression of witnesses agree in detail. Some of them explained the appearance of the luminous sphere raid aliens, others — test unmanned aircraft taking off from the airfield "Baltimore", and others — entertainment "golden youth" that rose into the night sky with the help of a helicopter.

In any case, flying in the dark on a major regional center of the aircraft without identification lights and timely warning by the organizers of flight is a certain danger.

Maybe, you Friday night saw a luminous object above the reservoir? Or know that the aircraft crisscrossing the airspace over Voronezh at night? Send us your observations at web@kpv.ru.

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