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Along the perimeter of the UFO was a thick black rim, and the center of the object bright pulsating with different colors …
Perm region was lucky really. Whether the people here are more than excited, or just few events going on in secret, closed to foreigners and hungry Perm, and the company of cheerful young people decided to make a joke so … Just appeared in our Molebka Perm anomalous zone, now known as the M-Skye area, M-sky triangle, M-Zone. It was first opened in October 1983. Permyak Emil Bachurin discovered the landing of an unknown object — in the snow thawed a diameter of 62 meters. At the same time it was recorded hronoeffekt (lag hours). Since then, the area was the subject of research and study. And the place of pilgrimage.

According to a resident of Ekaterinburg Basil Goloshchapov "expeditions and individual researchers recorded dozens of evidence and proof of the presence of anomalies in the Perm Anomalous Zone. Unique archive of photographs of these phenomena. In 1995, a resident of the city of Yekaterinburg Valery Yakimov obtained footage actually visible from a distance of 40 UFO-meter facility. A certain Yekaterinburg company "Eurasia" with Goloschapova organizes tours to the anomalous zone. are four route options.

Helicopter-day route from Yekaterinburg N2 is designed for 12 people. For the extra money available flyby and inspection zone "from the air." N2 route includes a visit to the heart area — a place called Settlement. The most striking observation is in this place. It used to be called fields of Horrors — a strange way it affects the psyche of some people, causing a variety of vision. Rather, at this point a lot of caverns having a strong and electromagnetic energy flows (hence the lag hours). "

Helicopter transportation, guide-interpreter, shooting during the expedition and a video of the services of an officer of security and food lovers will cost $ 333 in the fantastic story with everyone.

There is also a seven-day trip to the helicopter and all-terrain vehicle for those who want to experience the "Spirit Zone." Visit the so-called witch's Rings makes a strong impression on the unprepared person. At this point, a healthy, strong trees vyvorocheny the roots and laid flat, "fence", as if they podkovyrnuli bottom huge knife. When photographing here is unusual illumination film.

All seven-day pleasure estimated by organizers at $ 700 each with a curious nose. The same number will be a seven-day trip to the site of delivery of adventure by car. But despite the considerable cost of travel, the organizers warn that "no guarantee that the object or substance will be seen is in a particular expedition, we can not give." Well, the aliens would take a share.

On the one hand, glad that all trips are held in the autumn, when ticks are sleeping. On the other hand, what could be better health in places where the film and behind lighted clock?

Today and Permian ufologists, hopelessly behind in the business for their Molebka Yekaterinburg colleagues became more active. They argue that "once in 12 years, UFO comes the peak of activity. Last was in 1991, so the next one should expect in 2003." But in the spring and summer of this year, "dish" overseers of Perm. June 29 in the mountains near Linden such object was captured on video from the seventh floor.

"The night sky was not a single star," — says Maxim, author videos. First, it took place at a bright star, but then drew attention to a too rapid movement of the subject and started shooting.

The facility has also seen July 2, 2002. Along the perimeter of the UFO was a thick black rim, the center of the object bright pulsating with different colors. July 17 at half past midnight on the Kama few people noticed in low cloud bright glow and glow, slowly move over the river. Suddenly, out of the clouds to the ground sank two cones searchlight beam and started feeling the water and nearby homes. Two minutes later, the rays are gone, removed glow start, then suddenly shrunk to the point quickly, and disappeared, as if the object abruptly soared into the sky.

Summer in Molebka ufologists again to videotape an unidentified flying object, which initially rode like a ball on a rubber band, and then began to swing to the left and to the right. After such an extraordinary phenomenon fans M-zone was seen as a kind of UFO Molebka-Drome.

In connection with such notable events in the life of the unknown Kama Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) under Nikolai Subbotin declared open season on the UFO. And even nominated prize sponsors truthful videos. That is, start a mass psychosis has already been given. Perhaps this is not bad, because the official science and the military is still silent.

And M-sky triangle became one of the national symbols of faith in miracles, the product of disinterested creativity curious masses will survive its next birth. After all, even the Japanese filmmakers filmed a documentary about Molebka. But would like to see the revival of the M-zone is not accompanied by all the debasing commercialization. For many thousands of romantic hope of making contact with extraterrestrial civilizations was the meaning of life. There's got to happen sometime this contact. So why not in Molebka?

"Milestones", Moscow

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