«Warrior» in the Russian army

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has been informed that the agency will continue to test a new set of active Russian equipment, which soon had the standard nickname for western outfits coming fighter. This equipment has received the title of «Warrior», and for 4 months (from the beginning of autumn 2012) passes the state tests on the basis of the 27th Motorized Rifle Brigade in the suburbs and fighters airborne units.

Soldier with a Kalashnikov AK-12

Currently, a set of «Warrior» experienced fighters reconnaissance company of the 27th infantry brigade. To verify the practicality of the new kit and stand about 40 refreshed or made anew parts to which specific forms other than a fighter also relates his gun and personal protective equipment.
Defense Ministry spokesman Nikolai Donyushkin states that the new set of «Warrior» is tested quite well, which is confirmed by the fighters. New equipment for special tasks Russian servicemen received the highest praise from the Commander of the Land Forces Vladimir Chirkina. Colonel-General said that «Warrior» was held in the framework of multi-vector testing exercise «Kavkaz-2012». According to him, development kit innovatorskogo troop operation was carried out in different weather as well as combat criteria to get the greatest amount of disk imaging how reliable and comfortable is the Russian development.

Body armor with the latest combat equipment «Warrior»

The new set consists of a number of parts and accessories, which should contribute to the fulfillment of combat tasks with high efficiency. One part of the «Warrior» is a special army suit, which was developed using antifragmentation technology. This combat protection package which is known under the title «Permyachka.» To bronevstavki not fettered action fighter during the operation, it was decided to make them of special materials, which differ little probable mass at inflated protective properties. Suit helps soldier from small low-velocity fragments, also from mechanical influences of another kind (for example, the impact of the blade) that can lead to personal injury or death finale.

Introduction of special materials that can withstand grenade shrapnel, mines, shells, bullets shooting guns, allows to reduce the total weight of a suit very much. Specifically, the relatively low total mass of the entire set of «Warrior» at the highest security fighter allows call set up is very effective.

UPC «Permyachka» and «Permyachka-M», included in the «Warrior», this Russian development professionals. These developments are very likely used the principle of protection at lower total weight jumpsuit. Coverall «Warrior» is able to protect the fighter not only in the front and dorsal projections, and close other vulnerabilities, including neck, hands, and shoulders. Head soldier using a set of «Warrior» will be protected helmet, which can save lives fighter even a direct hit Makarov pistol bullets fired from a distance of 5-5.5 m Eyes reserved special glasses that are made of special glass that can withstand getting fragment of about 6 mm diameter, hovering at about 350 m / s.

Defense Ministry spokesman Nikolai Donyushkin declares that for a whole class of characteristics (weight kit included) exceeds the standard zabugornye Russian counterparts. Namely, during the tests revealed significant advantages in several areas «Warrior» over other standards as Russian combat sets and over a set of French FELIN. Recall that specifically FELIN stubbornly moved to equip the Russian army former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. With all of this ex-leaders of the Ministry for some reason did not confuse what the French variant of the fighting kit could do considerably more expensive than other Russian developments. Well, with practicality in FELIN too far, not all can be considered smooth.

Now, apparently, the main military department decided to completely abandon order zabugornyh combat kits for the needs of the Russian army, and coupled with the fact intensify test kit acts against Russian production.

If lead by weight comparison with foreign standards, the «Warrior» looks, indeed, much better. GVW lightweight kit that includes Ballistic body armor suit and fifth class is protective least 10 kg. If we talk in terms of enhanced protection kit consisting of assault vest protective sixth grade, special bulletproof helmet and jumpsuit with shields protecting from bumps and splinters, it weighs about 20 kg. It is approximately 5 kg below zabugornyh many samples of a similar type.

Portable electric platform for connecting electronic equipment

Also Test Kits Ground Troops fighters held to the same tests «Warrior» as a kit that can be used in landing. One section of this kind of testing is associated with how comfortable will be the introduction of Russian paratroopers latest developments in a parachute jump.

While the series of tests «Warrior» indicates that the set is quite difficult to use at the time of landing. One of the officers said the 27th brigade, said that «Warrior» needs to be improved, including, for its effective use in the criteria of the highlands. In tests, he highlighted several shortcomings. As of the 1st of these shortcomings were identified relatively feeble suspensions from parts of the «Warrior»: satchel pouches. If the mount is not strengthened, in that moment, when the parachute opens, backpack laden with ammunition pouches and can just come off as a result of mechanical action arising overvalued. Another drawback kit called communication system, which often lose the signal from radio stations such as, for example, P-163, and are very dependent on the terrain: for example, the teachings of «Kavkaz-2012» mountain tops often became an obstacle to sustainable reception and transmission of radio .

Specialists TsNIITochmash stated that they take into account the wishes and constructive criticism from representatives of different types of troops to bring the «Warrior» to be most effective. Namely, now conducted a detailed analysis of the behavior of a set of criteria in landing from different heights: as with Airborne training tower, and from helicopters and airplanes. Testing activities are also conducted in terms of additional disk imaging communication systems kit.

Knife «Bumblebee»

While based in the communication system, «Warrior» is a complex of «Sagittarius». The main functions of this complex is not only the connection between individual fighters during the operation, and communication with the command center. The communication system is designed to allow contact in ordinary voice version and special means of signaling commands. «Sagittarius», as reported by the developers, is able to transmit photos graphic images and live video from the place of engagement that will allow commanders to act effectively adjust fighters. Reception and transmission device can be enhanced by firearm, and can be specifically to the helmet of a soldier. Second use case looks like a typical eyepiece. Its implementation will allow the fighter hit the enemy out of the shelter without having to produce a direct view of what is happening on the ground.
In life-support system kit includes: universal backpack (50 l), raid backpack (volume up to 10 liters), camouflage suits, removable heat shield for use in the cooler months, ventilated shirt, vest with compartments for ammunition, communication systems and other parts rollaway heat seal, custom rug, coat, cap, balaclava and even a mosquito net.

In addition, the «Warrior» resettled protection elements of so-called non-lethal weapons (sound, tear gas, heat, etc.), also from the toxic effects of guns. In «The Warriors», as reported by the developers used a navigation system that will initially be based on the Russian software and hardware developments. If we talk about the extra element base kit, you should highlight the existence of a personal water purifying filter kits are personal energy and defeat the enemy.

«Warrior» — a modular system that can be constantly updated and supplemented depending on the requirements of one or another combat situation, weather criteria and other characteristics. Set the focus on the use of features in the performance of a range of military tasks of various kinds and types of troops.

Worth seeing that special combat gear in our country began to develop more in the second half of the 90s. But while the case until its mass introduction troops never came. In this regard, information about this series start army operation «Warrior» in 2014 (after all tests and adjustments tribute set) is perceived positively. Is to rely on the fact that all roughness developers will bring to naught, and the Russian army will receive a truly successful and effective for use in a range of different criteria.
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