We just tell the truth about the state of society

Sociologist, founder of the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies Professor Oleg Manayeu presented his new book "The emergence of civil society in independent Belarus. 2006-2010 year. Sociological experience. Book Three. "

The presentation took place at the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk. Thanking Lithuanian diplomats Oleg Manayeu sadly noticed that the other places except foreign embassies in Belarus today for such events do not. Sponsored publication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, among reviewers — the honorary chairman of the United Civil Party Stanislav Bogdanovich, a professor of St. Petersburg Boris Firsov and Mr. Hans-Georg Wieck, a former chairman of the Advisory and Monitoring Group in Minsk. The first book of the series, dedicated to the 90 th year, was published on 10 years, 5 years later a second volume.

Political scientist Leading called this series of unique "history of Belarus in figures."

Podgol"This book is of value in the context of the other two parts, because it is the chronology of modern Belarus, which is described in the figures. Here we have the mentality of the Belarusian figures from different backgrounds. And so we have the opportunity to really objectively analyze trends and developments that took place in Belarus these 20 years. And he who loves accurate analysis, not emotion, not subjective opinions — for him, these books be desktop. For any modern historian, analyst, journalist, diplomat. "


"We just tell the truth about the state of society" — said during a presentation Oleg Manayeu, noting that this often does not want to hear the truth, not only the power but also the opposition. "The government gives us a pressure zone, and the opposition — the exclusion zone," — said the sociologist.

Mana: "I think the independent social research in Belarus, as other authoritarian regimes are very important, because the real picture of what is happening, there is not. After all, power is replaced by his picture, and people live with this. Therefore, the very first task — to give the real picture of life. The second problem — when people begin to respond to the reality, to find out what they want, they want to help them articulate their desires and show some ways. That's what we are doing for almost 20 years, and this is dedicated to our book. "


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