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Will the Russian loan to Belarus Belarus on acceptable terms?

Meet the experts

Sergei Chaly

Sergei Chaly, Financial Analyst: I think so. As to the admissibility conditions, then perhaps they would not be so suitable for Belarus, if not by age, then by some backroom agreements. But I think that Russia will meet us. She is well aware that, in the words of the Ministry of Finance, is the "so-called" credit, alluding to the realization that he returned all the same will not happen. Thus Russia will increase the commitments of Belarus in front of her that in the future it will be possible to convert the property.

As for us, we have already made so many concessions to the Russian side during the negotiations on the allocation of credit, it's hard to have to go back to the West. As soon as conditions become more severe, it is difficult to say — no, then we turn to the IMF. They offered a similar amount, but it seemed that their conditions are more stringent than the Russian, but in fact it can happen the other way around.

Andrew Suzdaltsev

Andrew Suzdaltsev, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow): The money is not a loan, namely to give money will probably have to, as the Belarusian economy is falling apart before our eyes. When they receive? Soon, not before May. Under what conditions? Conditions for Belarus will be unacceptable. Belarus to these terms will go to not to comply. This is a very perastseragayutstsa in Moscow. Moscow is wary of damovazdolnastsi Belarusian side and the ability to meet the conditions. The fact that Belarus is to conduct any reforms will not, in Moscow, no doubt.

Pavel Sheremet

Pavel Sheremet, political commentator publishing house "Kommersant": Russian credit will be given "to the flags" at the last moment. Will pull up to the critical point for the Belarusian economy, vygandlevvayuchy favorable conditions for Russia. However, the money will give Belarus, as everyone understands that without external financial support political stability in Belarus can not be. A Russian government is interested in that situation there was less calm and controlled, as any social conflicts can escalate into political, and Lukashenko place anyone can come and wide influence Russia may disappear.

Responsible Komarovka

Youth"No, she will not receive favorable loans. Indeed, as I understand it, the relationship with Russia is now strained, and so I think not."

Girl"No, of course. If I gave you credit — I also wanted to have something with you to tear off. "

Mr."Dust, of course, she's good."

Mrs."It will be beneficial for Russia. But Belarus will have to go to these conditions, as the other alternative we have. For example, the two families — and your neighbors — for whom would you try harder? Of course, for my family. Also, Russia and any other country — it will try harder for his people. So — of course, the conditions will be favorable for Russia. "

Youth"Will. This is a great policy — agree. "

Girl"I think so. After all, the union between Belarus and Russia — it's all the same union — it is necessary to support each other. "

Mr."No.. And why not? After all, each loan must be based benefits. Give to those specific conditions, which for Belarus will not be profitable. "

Mrs."It can and give as Russia — a generous soul — as in advertising. But if it is about me and I lived in a communal kitchen — I would have given nothing. After Russia we — sorry — abkakali, and now, when we was pressed … Need to be decent in everything, including politics, and now even the decency and does not smell. "

Mr."Just because no one gives. Give for something because it is capitalism. So let's just once Soviet republics of Belarus, who are themselves something they could not. And now what is happening: you are to me — I told you. I think it will, and say, and you, as Kudrin said, give it, then that. Well … — Capitalism. "

Girl"No.. Indeed, in our situation and our situation we do not have to choose, we have no alternative. European assistance, we can hardly expect. Therefore, Russia — she can twist the conditions as soon as she wants. For us, this is certainly not profitable. "

Weather experts:

Yes — 2
No — 1

Weather Komarovka

Yes — 5
No — 5

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