Wet snow and sleet expected in central Russia to the output

Wet snow and sleet will come to Moscow and Central Federal District in the week, reports Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia.

"On Thursday, Tver, Smolensk, Bryansk, Orel heavy snow, wet snow, blizzard, wind 15-18 meters per second, the glaze effects, snow drifts on the roads, in the Bryansk, Oryol regions wet snow. Third or fourth on February most of the district strong … sleet, "- said in a statement.

In the capital, the first day of February night temperature was minus 2.4 degrees, will snow at night, the temperature will rise to zero, will be clear, black ice on the roads there. Expected snow to the southern wind of 5-10 meters per second.

Saturday's weather will be a little different from the Friday. Daytime temperatures will be equal to the night and was minus 1.3 degrees. Wind can move to the South West.

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