Whale stranded near New York City, did not survive

Keith nailed to the coast of New York, died despite attempts to save his people, told television channel CBS.

Whale was found stranded on Wednesday morning in Breezy Point and the whole day, local firefighters pumped sea water to support life whale fin whales, minke whales from the squad. Giant sea looked emaciated and weak, and biologists immediately expressed doubt that it can be saved. Keith was a Wednesday night ottaranen in ocean waters, but the next morning it had washed back. Watch animals environmentalists Thursday afternoon concluded that the whale is dead.

Coastal waters of New York in recent years have become a refuge for dozens of whales. According to the professor Christopher Clark, who explores the life of whales almost 40 years here, "resettled" permanently up to 50 of these marine mammals. Appearance of the first whale around the metropolis in 2008, became a sensation to orbit media. Animal, swim to the Verrazano Bridge, accompanied by the Coast Guard.

In one version of the scientists, the whales found in the vicinity of New York harbor on whaling ships, as the waters of the city banned all fishing. Fin whale — the second largest after the blue whale. Weight whales, the largest inhabitants of our planet, can reach 90 tons, a record high for the fin whale was 80 tons.

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