What do the Russian military in the U.S.?

Russian paratroopers.  Photo: topwar.ruThe news, which almost went unnoticed. Russia and the United States for the first time will hold joint military exercises in the United States. Bezpretsedentny step!

Russian paratroopers and U.S. Special Forces to hold joint anti-terrorism exercises at the U.S. Army base Fort Carson, told RIA Novosti on Monday a representative of the Defense Ministry for airborne troops (VDV) Major Irina Kruglov.

Earlier, Airborne Troops Commander Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov said that in 2012, Russian paratroopers will take part in several major international exercises, including in the U.S., Armenia and Tajikistan.

"During his visit to the U.S. Navy representatives of the command specified with American colleagues plan upcoming joint exercises, it will be held from 14 May to 1 June 2012 at the site of mountain training military base Fort Carson in Colorado," — said Kruglov.

Thus the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry clarified that the Russian and American paratroopers visited the facilities of military base and the landfill where they will be placed and trained Russian soldiers, conducted reconnaissance and together with American colleagues have determined the exercise area, the objects of capture and landing area for the landing.

"From the American side in the exercise will involve units of special operations forces of the U.S. Army, on the Russian side — intelligence units of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces", — added Kruglov.

Fort Carson military base located near the city of Colorado Springs. It housed the 4th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, 10th Group Special Operations Forces, the 4th Engineer Battalion, 13th Operations Support aviaeskadron Army Air Force and other units, RIA Novosti reported as many as 20 February 2012.

But there is something in this matter, that is not just exercise, and it will happen not at Fort Carson.

Povstanez blogger shares his vision of events.

News from CIA headquarters in Langley, after 7 months in the U.S. come from 30,000 to 100,000 Russian special forces to stay there. The first wave will come from 21 May.

What are they prepared? Is the number of troops on foreign soil … WTF!? This is not just teaching, with so many.
I specifically left the link to the previous post with confirmation from the U.S. Department of Defense (Links here: approx. Gifakt).
American special forces will be in uniform and with weapons amerskim, uh … Not unlike, as suggested by the guy in the video to do that from which amerskie military abandoned.

That is, I hope you realize that all of this will concern us, since there exist some agreement.

However, even Leo Tolstoy wrote in "Officer memo" why transfer troops to other regions. That is, "the guy in the video," it is logical to assume and it always did.

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