What happens when you apply for a card 203186 epicenters of earthquakes?


The engineer of «IDV Solutions», specializing in data visualization, John Nelson has created a map of the Earth quakes. Lights on the map of the epicenters of earthquakes over four points that occurred from 1898 to 2003. The stronger the earthquake, the brighter the light he has assigned John Nelson on his map.

By applying a yellow lights on a dark background of the underlying surface, are clearly visible outline of the tectonic boundaries of the Earth, in which, as a rule, and earthquakes. In turn, the selection of earthquake intensity brighter lights, can clearly see the most earthquake-prone areas of the planet.

According to the creators of unique cards: "I was surprised by the number of earthquakes recorded during the years of observations over the place — from Seattle to Wellington." Indeed, the card John Nelson applied 203186 pixels, which occur at different times stronger tremors four points.

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