It was in the States for the first time to seriously explore the UFO. Starting from June 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine of the Cascade Mountains of "flying saucers", began the study of the phenomenon. Under the cover of secrecy. Using data and army forces.

Everywhere INFORMATION sightings flocked to the air base Wright Patterson, where under the CIA and eminent scientists perform research. This was the "Blue Book".

In 1952, over Washington was a whole series of objects. UFO groups of different compositions were seven times over

American capital and made it fly over for a few hours. These flights caused great anxiety when not only the population but also in the highest state and military circles. It was feared that UFOs might pose a threat to U.S. national security.

In January 1953, under the auspices of the CIA in Washington, there was a meeting of so-called commission Robertson, composed of both scientists and the military. The Commission has issued strict guidelines:

Do everything to hide from the reality of the existence UFOs POPULATION TO REDUCE INTEREST to this problem as in the United States and in other countries.

Keep in touch with the press, giving all the follow-up only a natural explanation.

Argue that it is a planet, the airplane, balloon, result hallucinations IDM …

Witnesses, even Air Force pilots, discredited.

Later, one of the leaders of the "Blue Book", Captain Ruppelt, claimed that the number of unexplained objects actually was several times higher than in the official documents, as the information about the most important UFO cases does not fall in the "Blue Book" and headed straight to the higher authority.

The famous astronomer Donald Menzel, who took part in 1947 in the study of UFOs, published the book "Flying Saucers", in which all the UFO sightings were seen as an optical illusion and illusion. (Translated into Russian and published in 1962 under the title "The flying saucers").

In 1976, under public pressure, the "Blue Book" was declassified. Since then, slowly but surely clearer picture of the events Through witnesses and tireless reporters about the UFO leaks to the press, and again raised the issue of misinformation not only people, but also academics.

One of the latest issue of the American magazine "International UFO Reponer" devoted to a critical episode in the history of ufology, the events that led to the preparation of a special report N 14 of the "Blue Book."

Think about it in relation to the publication of the book by Jacques Vallee "Forbidden Science". Zh.Valle remembers "Pentacle Letter," which he described as "intellectual scandal" and the reason for imposing a ban on research on UFO meeting Robertson in 1953.

"Pentacle" sign (Microcosm) — so ominously Encrypted NAME POINTS HORVARDA Cross, head of Applied SCIENCES IM.BETELYA, in which within 30 years from all over flocked statistical information on UFOs.

Letter stamped "classified information" dated 09/01/53 and was addressed to the "Blue Book" and the captain Ruppeltu M.Gollu. It discusses the work of the Pentacle and his group: analysis of data from several thousand observations, and its proposals for cooperation Wright-Patterson AFB with the Center for Technical aerial reconnaissance.

Pentacle recommended methods for conducting experiments to obtain reliable physical systematic data on UFOs, the different types of air layers and their interactions.

Contents of the letter, according to Jacques Vallee, made him such a strong impression that changed his career after graduation — he became the theorist of ufology.

DOCUMENT pentacle led him to believe that in 1953, the Government classify RESEARCH AND WHAT EXACTLY THIS LETTER WAS CAUSE ban on information not only from the public but also from the scientific world.

VALLE SAYS sustained huge damage, not only of the entire international ufologists, BUT and science in general.

Facts turn into stories, truthful article criticized and slaughtered many fabricated rumors …

Dzh.Kil, for example, wrote about the horrible aliens that flew in unusual ships over cities, landed and came into contact with people. Other sources reported the landing of demons disguised tales of the Middle Ages, or the appearance of alleged humanoids from the ground. Numerous thrillers, horror books and sophisticated American fiction powerful stream gushed "over the counter". And now they umopomrachayusche impact on the psyche of not only Americans, but people in almost all countries of the world …

But back to the pentacle and its institutions. There is an article at the Center for UFO Studies (TSUFOS), which states that the collection of information on UFOs and study it from different points did not stop. Change affects only projects. Institute im.Betelya headed pentacle, commissioned Air Force received reports on the observation of aerial objects from around the world and process them. Created a huge database. Dzh.Zaydman who worked with A.Haynekom and was familiar with the staff of the Institute, has turned to the living witnesses of the event. They willingly told that UFOs were engaged only 28% of the time — Project UFO was a small part of the volume of orders im.Betelya Institute. We had to carry out analyzes of air, land, and other materials, the spectral analysis of elements with different electronic charts, sound detectors, many complex images to identify the flying objects. Of the reported data were trying to reconstruct.

On the advice of Heineken and other scientists project manager "Blue Book" Ruppelt was actively searching for new ways to obtain accurate and reliable data, expanding the range of modern scientific instruments. Were isolated geographic areas, "hot spots" of UFO visits (White Sands, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dayton, Columbia, Ohio), and they organized a UFO observation stations, equipped with sophisticated electronic and photographic equipment. The agreement with the Air Force will allow us to establish a network of observation posts.

LETTER pentacle rather shows a serious relationship IM.BETELYA INSTITUTE OF APPLIED SCIENCE TO WORK experimenting with UFOs, which will make N 14 SPECIAL REPORT ON THE COMMISSION Robertson.

From an interview with the engineers of the Institute it is clear that they do not believe in UFO's, did not get satisfaction from the work on the data that the Institute was engaged purely scientific research.

But ample evidence of unbiased people assure us that appearance. UFOs from the end of the last century were a constant occurrence. And despite the fact that some circles are trying to "mock" the problem, in fact, aware of its importance for the Earth, we will continue to research, we try to discover the truth about the nature of these phenomena.

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