What kind of wood is best for building a house

What kind of wood is best for building a houseThe tree is the most common natural material in Russia. Ever since the days of ancient. Unfortunately because of the wealth tree — until we almost did not reach an ancient Slavic alphabet. It has long been known that the Slavs had a written language and highest culture long before the Baptism of Russia. In Scandinavia, wrote on the stones. Natural stone which is more practical for its durability and reliability. But with the Slavic written language was a tragedy — largely due to the fact that it was written on the tree.

But otherwise the wood is very good stuff! For all spaces of Russia is full of forests. Where a wide variety of trees. Each tree its own advantages and disadvantages. If you know how to build a house with his own hands — you also need to know which tree to choose. Consider a few of the most common trees.

Pine. This is the most popular material used in construction. Very dense wood, a beautiful amber color. Due to the lack of small twigs, resin and smooth timber — pine is considered good material for building.

Cedar. The house, built of cedar will be a beneficial impact on health. Sunny warm color, soft texture of wood and a magical aroma. The house, built of cedar, never zavedutsya insects, always nice and warm.

Larch. Houses of this tree is rightly considered the most durable and strong. This wood is a juicy, almost orange. She has an unusual texture and density. It is an ideal material for the wet, warm climate. Knowingly Venetian home for centuries are on the water. Its distinguishing feature — density. Out of this wood = less heat than others and have more weight. But the house of larch exactly stand for centuries.

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