What will Alexander Lukashenko declared clean-up?

Society members: chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Andrew Dynko and editor of the online newspaper "Solidarity" Alexander Starykevich.

Andrew Dynko

Alexander Starykevich

Valery Karbalevich

Valery Karbalevich
"On the second day after the attack, was a statement of the general prosecutor's office, which alerts the media about the so-called" irresponsible publication. " A KGB came to the newspaper "Nasha Niva". Speaking on Wednesday Lukashenko demanded to deal with the media, which are not properly covered the events surrounding the explosion. Why independent media became almost more dangerous to the authorities, the terrorists? . "

Andrew Dynko"On the one hand, we have been a challenge, which we had not previously encountered. For such attacks in Belarus was not. The demand for information was a giant. Without information, rumors. But it was difficult to obtain information.

The current response of the authorities is shocking. State-controlled media — hysteria. Terrorist attack pushed into the background. And came to the fore attempts to discredit political opponents. "

Alexander Starykevich"It's not just that the authorities did not like the way they write the independent media, and in the direction in which went public opinion. A lot of people are skeptical about the position and to the authorities. And this massive propaganda attack the authorities are trying to reverse this trend. Attention is focused, first, that it was not a failure of the authorities, saying, look how quickly solved the crime, not only the current attack, as well as an explosion in Vitebsk on Independence Day in 2008. Second, there are enemies. This opposition politicians and independent media, which almost equated with terrorists. "

Fighting with rumors

Karbalevich"It seems, had not been such that the authorities have begun to catch distributors of rumors, the authors of online publications. Lukashenko made threats against those who incite exchange or grocery hype or gives in to him. The war with the rumors, jokes, conversations in the kitchen — it is a sign of a totalitarian regime. Authoritarian regimes usually do not infringe on the freedom of private, individual expressions of discontent. So we are seeing the evolution of the law-governed regime? . "

Dynko"Indeed, the authorities intimidated by how public opinion at the time of the tragedy was not on the side of the authorities. Today, the site of "Nasha Niva" was published a commentary by the author, signed the "Cream Soda": "Distrust of government and state media has reached the level of the infinite. And if there is no place to draw reliable information, that people still use only rumors … People believe rumors because they are more likely true than false statements and government bureaucrats. " The author gives examples: there were rumors that the price will rise buckwheat, and she really went up. Now more expensive oil. Actually materialize rumors of devaluation. "

The authorities established a monopoly on information. But this huge propaganda machine works with all lower efficiency.

Starykevich"The authorities created a monopoly on information. But this huge propaganda machine works with all lower efficiency. The result is not the one that counts Lukashenko. And this was said after the presidential election. And with the situation worsening economic problems for the authorities is rapidly deteriorating. And people seeking for information to independent sources.

And so the authorities make such moves. For example, the fight with the rumors. Such measures are used during the war. I have not heard that somewhere struggled with distributors rumors in times of peace. Terrorist attack used as an excuse to once if not to silence, or at least scare. "

Consolidation or split of society

Karbalevich"In other countries, the tragedy helps to consolidate the society. It seems that in Belarus, on the contrary, the attack has led to a deepening of the split. Interestingly, the company state machine against all dissenters to the sound of spells television that the tragedy has united the people. "

Dynko"Society really was consolidated. See how in an emergency cohesively organized acted all city services. And the subway, and physicians, and others. Our reporters were on the scene very quickly and see how ordinary people helped each other.

But these attempts by the authorities to gain political dividends from this tragedy, to divert people's attention from economic problems are perceived to be negative. Thoughts of people now diverge from what we hear on TV. "

Starykevich"I do not think that this tragedy contributed to the split. Better to talk about consolidation in a month. "

What results can I expect?

Karbalevich"The threats to independent media is actually implemented? Will the criminal cases, private media? Or is limited to threats? . "

Dynko"Some remarks sounded ominous. But if the removal of all the independent media, it will lead to the rapid growth of uncontrolled processes in society. After all, it is impossible to eliminate the Internet and satellite television. I think the hysteria can be explained by economic reasons. "

When the removal of all the independent media, it will lead to a rapid growth of uncontrolled processes in society.

Starykevich"I have no predictions, because it all depends on the mood of a person. In any case, the threat to independent media have increased significantly. By the way, on Monday, which is symbolic, even before the terrorist attack in government blocked access to the site "Charter".

Karbalevich"Do not you think that in Belarus there is such a strange situation where the two parts of the society living in a different information space? And they intersect with each other and communicate poorly. "

Dynko"No, the information flows. Especially in such critical moments. We watch as these days a lot of people are coming to independent news sites.

It is still unclear who ran those rumors about the explosions on the bus number 100. Who can do it? Who needs it? Authorities accused in some elements that seek to destabilize the situation. I do not see such a force.

Independent media these days have demonstrated great professionalism. Although there have been mistakes. But they gave the information quickly, accurately, to civil liability. "

Starykevich"It is difficult to answer how much of the population lives in the space of state-owned media. It is hoped that most people believe is not power or opposition, and are able to analyze information from different sources and draw your own conclusions. "


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