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VLADIMIR Khalipov: "Belarus is becoming a hot zone of the plague"

Following the publication in the British newspaper Independent article entitled-call "Pop stars do not sing in Belarus!" In Russian and Russian media reports about the cancellation of some concerts of foreign artists in the Belarusian capital. However, as long as there are concerts. Listen pop star to calls from Minsk and what other way they can express their solidarity with the democratic community in Belarus? On this and the other — in a conversation with the playwright and journalist Vladimir Khalip.

Michas Scoble: "Mr Vladimir, how do you feel about this unusual appeal — not to sing in Belarus?"

Vladimir Khalip

Vladimir Khalip: "First of all, it's only appeal. But voices were heard, that it is unacceptable that people are not to blame, etc. It really is the people in no way to blame. But what happened? Drew some artists to the world-famous pop stars. And where do you see cultural isolation? Do we have gathered in Minsk to hold an international festival of classical music? Or maybe going to bring a remarkable exhibition of paintings by Rembrandt? Or maybe someone else from the well-known musicians in the world was going to come here and do not come back?'s okay, it's just about the performances of pop stars. I think our people will manage fine without them. If necessary, put the drive itself, or to include a report of the "Minsk-Arena", which picks "vsenarodnaabrany" Ice skating — and will be the same experience, almost one to one. "

Scoble: "The other day, one of the Russian TV channels reported that planned in Minsk on May 19 Shakira concert will not happen, because the singer is not indifferent to democratic values. Following day BT clarified — will take place … But it seems to me, in solidarity with the democratic Public Shakira and other performers could not prove the cancellation of the concert. right, during a concert to say certain words, as in his day, Yuri Shevchuk. From such a step would have been more effective. "

"Everyone decides for themselves, we can not expect someone of great deeds. Them before we have to demand of himself. I would like to remind our citizens, my relatives, my dear and beloved Belarusians that the December 19, 2010, we find ourselves in another country.

If your neighbor on the landing place funeral, then that day is indecent dances arrange to collect guests and include loud music …

Many people do not notice, but a lot of people felt it the hard way. Something terrible happened in our country finally collapsed rule of law, and entered the arena with his right fist, the right of a police baton, the right of violence, the right to hate anyone who thinks differently than the "usenarodnaabrany" leader. It is impossible not to notice. One can not ignore the fact that in many families it is the mountain that many people, the best people in the country, sitting in prison today, scoff at them, their dignity, throw them in the courts, where endure wild in cruelty convictions. This is not Russia, and some wild East Asian country, where power is not even a totalitarian regime, and just kind of the junta, which has lost all moral compass. And it is impossible not to notice. If your neighbor on the landing place funeral, then that day is indecent dances arrange to collect guests and include loud music. So we need to remember is how our people have always lived, and why it has survived all the terrible trials. "

Scoble: "Thank God, wake up after December 19 did not happen. But pay attention here on that: came to Minsk group Deep Purple in concert and performed" Kupalinka. "Toto Cutugno sang" You make a noise, birches. " It's also the solidarity and support — our language, our culture. Why should abandon it? "

"Yes, it's true. But, I want to reiterate the call" did not sing in Belarus "- an attempt to remind the common human values. Ensure our people remember those texts that once Maciej brought to Mount Sinai, we begin to forget . We believe that the church — it's a circus, where people come to ask about a miracle. No. People come up with these 10 laws during the time of King Hammurabi, not even in the time of Christ. And come up to people do not zdicheli, so they do not climb back into the trees, they are to survive in such conditions that they respected each other.'s required by those who addressed this appeal. How to behave in certain circumstances, of course, decide Each of pop stars. "

Scoble: assume that the pop star will listen and will bypass Belarus. On all channels and arenas will be played Belarusian court artists with songs, calls "for a strong and prosperous Belarus." That mode only say thank you, and the electorate will like it. On the other hand, why only a pop star? Today heard suggestions that Belarus boycotted and foreign writers, artists and musicians. How do you, a man of culture, will be living in such uncivilized country? "

Halip: "The culture, the achievements of world art in me, no one will be able to select from, even if I throw in a prison cell or a zyndan.

Culture, achievements of world art in me, no one will be able to select from, even if I throw in a prison cell or a zyndan …

Will memory. I will remember those texts that I liked, I will remember the music that I heard. And this treatment, I want to say again, is not directed so much to the pop star, not so much to the art workers, as to our every citizen who seeks to these concerts. You know, everyone has a responsibility for the way our Belarus will look tomorrow, because today it runs wild, turning into a zone of plague. And to compensate for the fact that we are to invite famous artists, famous bands, famous singers and musicians — it would go just for the benefit of the dictator. And as — in Belarus, everything is fine, people are living, having fun, they are well, well, they all go. But the problems of those who went to the square. No need to go, it is necessary to cook soup, as we recommend. "

Scoble: "Belarus for many years living in political isolation. But this does not weaken the regime. Nevertheless, I can not figure out how exactly can harm the cultural isolation of the regime?"

Khalip"We are not the first who got into this situation. We remember the sad experience of Nazi Germany. During the 30 years, too, there were disputes: whether to go to the Olympics in Germany? And why not? Athletes in 1936 came to Munich, protested, and then bitterly regretted, as Nazi propaganda used the Olympics to their advantage. And the Nazis knew how to

Athletes in 1936 came to Munich, protested, and then bitterly regretted, as the Nazi propaganda used the Olympics to their advantage …

do as anyone and never dreamed of. In this regard, I would like to remind letter of the famous German writer Thomas Mann, a Nobel Prize. After the war, he was invited by the president of the Prussian Academy of Letters to return to Germany, where the great need in his voice, in his word. And now a few words from a letter Mana: "If all the people of the world-famous names, doctors, musicians, writers, artists, unanimously opposed the Nazi shame if they called a general strike, many in this country would not have gone as gone. But one always stayed with the
question: "Why, indeed, should not collaborate? The remaining co-operate? It is unlikely that this is so terrible. "But as it turned out later — in Germany, it soon became very scared. I do not want to be in my country, too, was very afraid to live. So somehow we seem to survive if Shakira to we did not come for moral reasons. "

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In the Moscow publishing house "Time" in the classic series "Poetry Library", a new book by Vladimir Neklyaeva "Window." It consisted Russian translations of verses and poems Belarusian poet, made at different times by Igor Shklyarevskim, Yuri Kuznetsov, Michael Shelehavym and other translators. Moreover, the editorial director Boris Pasternak postponed the presentation of the publication to the time when the poet was released. As long as we look at the neklyaevskoy "window in Russia" from Semen literary Bookchin.

Michas Scoble: "Mr. Simon, you see, Vladimir Neklyaev lucky with translators. His poems in Russian and sound natural, I'd say the first-born."

Semen Bookchin

Semen Bookchin: "Unfortunately, in the table of contents of the book do not exactly specify who belongs to a particular translation. Only one section is signed, it has translated the famous Russian poet Igor Shklyarevskii — Member Neklyaeva, by the way, my friend. Regarding quality of translations, we must bear in mind that Nekljaev began writing in Russian. way it does not follow that he was then a Russian poet. I once studied the works of Belarusian Russian writers — and writers, and poets. And I must say that they have been contacted by original Russian language, born here in Belarus. very image of the language, the very structure of the creators of these feelings is closer to the Belarusian. Which language written verse Shklyarevskii "Mourning happiness", "aching arms, legs aching, ripe corn, flax cleaning. ..? "In Russian or Belarusian? immediately and identified. Therefore, it seems to me, the experience Neklyaeva, which started out as a poet in Russian, could not help but reflect on the translations."

Scoble: "The philosopher Valentin Akudovich in the afterword to the book says that" Nekljaev — not quite Belarusian poet, though writing in Belarusian. "Nekljaev And he answered him that his in Moscow was criticized for its Russian language poems that did not sound quite Russian. Why Neklyaeva and there, and there was seen as an outsider? "

Bookchin: "Nekljaev was born in 1946, began to write and publish in the early 70's. What was this time? Throughout the Soviet Union rattled poets

However, "it is possible to change the soul"? Neklyaeva soul, of course, remained the Belarusian …

shastsidesyatniki that came during the Khrushchev thaw. Robert Rozhdestvensky, Bella Akhmadulina, Yevgeny Yevtushenko … Their work could not be influenced. They bore the readers romanticism, faith in socialism with a human face and, at the same time repelled by the opened Stalin cult. All this combined with the novelty of romanticism, finding moral compass. These poets have provided great artistic, ideological influence. However, "it is possible to change the soul"? Neklyaeva soul, of course, remained the Belarusian. Poetry — even mystical thing. From this mystery can not be removed if there is no mystery — no poet. Yet Neklyaeva friends who appreciated his poetry in Russian, it seemed that he would Belarusian poet, although he brought them Russian-speaking poetry. And in Belarus regarding Neklyaeva acted more mechanical approaches — as well as writes in Russian. "

Scoble: "You have touched on a difficult problem. And the fact that it exists, assures the following fact: Neklyaeva poems included in the analogy of" Ten centuries of Russian poetry. " But can a Russian poet to write about Russia? "And so the females and plow / God's chosen this people, / and so is drinking under the fence / madly dancing and drinking! .. / And so the riots and fights, / so — liquid blame! .. / And so our prayer / Russian furious mat peremat! .. ". It's from a poem Neklyaeva "Russian train."

Bookchin: "The problem is not only with Nyaklyaeu. Did you know that Russia's criticism classifies Vasil Bykov Russian writers, and for a long time. This is because the Bulls (primarily through the" New World "), as entered in the

The problem is not only with Nyaklyaeu. You know that Russia's criticism classifies Vasil Bykov Russian writers, and has long been …

Russian consciousness that no one no longer thinks he is Belarusian. No one thinks that his story — is translated from the Belarusian. We agree or disagree, but — yes, the Bulls became the phenomenon of Russian culture. The same thing happened with Nyaklyaeu, maybe to a lesser degree, because he's a poet. His poetic rhythms, his poetics, his collections of "Vynahodtsy winds", "discovery" — all this is closer to the poetics of the same Christmas, Voznesensky and Yevtushenko. Moreover, the Soviet Union literary life was pretty close — translations, publications in Moscow journals, general conventions, meetings, articles in the "Literary newspaper" … All this created a big picture, and of course, some parties Nekljaev was his creativity, his poetic talent close to Russian poetry. And, at the same time, it was evident that this poet's distinctive-Belarus ".

Scoble: "So, we have no complaints Russians do not exhibit — for Neklyaeva?"

Bookchin: "We have to assume you mentioned his" antalyagichny "gift contribution of Belarusian literature Russian literature. And that's fine. As is normal and what we gave Russian literature Vasil Bykov and Ales Adamovich. If the Russians consider their own — on health. Way, I repeat here words Bykov. Once he was asked about the same as it relates to this? And the Bulls answered: "And to your health! Let the Russian culture uses. "

Scoble: "Yevgeny Yevtushenko in the preface to the book" Window "writes sympathetically:" Neither the Belarusian authorities, nor the Belarusian writers have not found a common language as fellow citizens. "But it Nekljaev back in 1998, tried to negotiate with the government, organized a meeting with the President of writers. Others thing is that the power and then stood, and still stands on the anti-national position. "

I think that no one can throw a stone in the direction of reproach Neklyaeva or another Creator, "What did you go into politics, art changed? …

Bookchin: "The fact that Mr Prokofievich sought dialogue with the government — is obvious and normal. But we all know how difficult it is to engage in dialogue with our current government. I do not even think that Volodya himself foresaw that, in what it all pour out. But happened that fate picked it up and carried her to the side of political activity. I think that no one can throw a stone in the direction of reproach Neklyaeva or another Creator, "What did you go into politics, art changed?." This is a personal journey, personal fate, which must be respected, even if you do not understand everything in it. "

Scoble: "Vladimir and Alexander Neklyaev Fyaduta recently
changed the article charges. Which developments are you waiting for regarding them?"

Bookchin: "We have become accustomed over the years to the point that our government is unpredictable. However, there is a time for power are all possible influences. Guess, and from the West, and from Russia they are, and the Belarusian society is not silent. Condemn the poet , to make him a victim of the regime — is hardly the same power. Deal with Neklyaeva transfer of the case to the court, it seems to me, is delayed because the authority is looking for a way out of the situation. condemn him, of course, necessary, but, together with order to show that the power is not so tough. Authority today simply have to step back a little. I think we can hope for less severe sentences and the sick, and Fyaduta than previously expected. "

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