Whats going on with the weather?

Flooding in Italy, the long rains in Greece and Turkey. Throughout Russia the November weather hits record heat

In the southern Urals, even a second crop ripe strawberries. The inhabitants of Siberia with longing look at the rain, instead of the usual for this time of year the snow. It seems that nature has gone mad. The cause of the weather, forecasters believe, became the Atlantic cyclones. However, the answer to the question, which causes abnormal weather, can be given.

Usually influenced by several factors, which interact with each other. In the summer of 2010 in Central Russia came together three of these factors, which led to extremely long heat.

In July and August the temperature in Russia consistently held about forty-degree mark. Broke all conceivable temperature records. Climate scientists have put forward various versions unexpected anomalies — blocking anticyclone, global change of atmospheric circulation, the change of currents in the tropical Pacific Ocean, the effect of the tidal forces of the Moon, changes in solar activity.

However, the simple answer to this question, I am sure the head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Geography RAS climate Andrew Shmakin.

Causes such powerful climate change, we do not know. Here there are very many factors. Solar activity is just one of them. Concentration of greenhouse gases — is also a factor. Volcanic eruptions affect ocean currents and alterations too. All this is tied in a knot, that any one process to allocate almost impossible, that is to say that he was one trigger some changes. This is almost always a complex interaction of different processes (end of voting).

Russian climate scientists are inclined to believe that three factors put together have caused the anomalies of summer — a stable blocking anticyclone, an extremely severe drought in the Caspian region and the total temperature rise associated with global warming. This proposition is true at the level of synoptic processes, said Andrei Shmakin, but does not give a full explanation of what happened.

These causes immediate, as if they are directly operated, but because of what they have — it is still not yet known. And, say, blocking anticyclone is not so rare, repeated almost every summer in some area of Europe or Russia. But he has never been so prolonged over the life of meteorological observations. It remains unclear point. Usually blocking anticyclones delayed a week or two, then go away. Now anticyclone standing as confined almost six weeks. This is a mystery (late vote).

Due to weather anomalies not yet fully apparent to those skilled. The Earth's atmosphere is similar to the boiler, in which all the time something is cooked, move, rages. "She's never exactly behave will not and consists of extremes" — emphasizes Andrew Shmakin. So we should not exaggerate the value of the summer of 2010. In general, soothes scientist, the number of extreme weather events has remained about the same as in the mid-20th century. Weather vagaries inherent in general. Consoles and what scientists project that the anomaly of the summer of this year will not be repeated in the next four centuries.

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