When as a result of serious illness — a rare phenomenon

Company Section 167 of the Criminal Execution Code of the Republic of Belarus provides for exemption from punishment because of severe mental, physical or infectious disease. In the language of the penal system is called aktyrovkay. In the former USSR aktyrovtsy be prisoners with diagnoses of schizophrenia, neaperabelny cancer, tuberculosis, with a number of infections caused by golden stafilyakokam, but with other life-threatening diseases. The final decision on the release of the arrested in connection with health and medical administration solve part of the colony.

In practice, most of the prison, so to speak, "Leave due to injury." A prisoner may receive aktyrovku disability as a result of risky forms of suicide if he, for example, it is possible to drive a sharp object per millimeter of vital organs. For heavy psycho-somatic diseases with them the prisoners, according to the prisoners themselves, "do not shine" not only parole, but with proper medical care.

After serving a three-year sentence in prison, 30-year-old citizen of Minsk Boris, a former athlete who came home very sick man. His skin was in many boils and carbuncles, get rid of that does not help any ointment. Surveys have shown that it is not only in the skin. The young man had a lung abscess, serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Relatives of Boris managed to find an experienced doctor, who advised the patient to make imunagramu. Sowing showed that his body is full of golden stafilyakoku.

This microbe spreads easily in places zgramazhennya people with weakened immune systems, in including in prisons. Once in the body, this anaerobic infection to multiply rapidly, creating a whole colonies of golden-yellow color. Golden stafilyakok can cause a range of illnesses, from boils, carbuncles, skin abscesses to pneumonia, meningitu, osteomyelitis, endocarditis, toxic shock, sepsis.

Catherine, consultant physician Boris says that her patient must undergo a long course of intensive therapy. She believes that his problem is likely to have started or distributed in the prison environment, fungal disease, or unhealed sore throats. In humans with weakened immune golden stafilyakok quickly attached to various viruses and infections.

Catherine: "He likes to join the same mushroom, streptococci cause allergies in general does a lot of bad things. This skin is slimy, lungs, intestines. Anything. Everything depends on the number of stafilyakoku. This is evident if we make seeding. There are more than 10 in the 6th, this is a great asemyanenasts. This is a severe blow to the immunity. "

Boris shows that he was sick sore mostly in jail, where there was a lot of dirty bums, and they had to sleep on the floor. If the administration for any violations of the human throws in a punishment cell, it does not look that has a fever over thirty-eighth

Boris: "I was really very sick. Temperature was below 39 degrees. Has led me in jail, and I said to them:" You have to take me at all. "What are they," Oh, no fooling! . " And, of course, does not increase. A doctor, of course, are not aroused. There are only inmates doctor. The camera starts pounding, screaming that person is bad. A physician is 10-20-30 minutes, although he is in a mere 25 meters, for half a minute.

They react only when some cut the vein, and the blood starts to flow along the corridor … "

Boris himself believes that if its conclusion has continued for several months, it would probably be transferred to the hospital, where he was a couple of days, as other severe patients have died quietly. As for aktyrovki, it is unlikely that it came to her at all.

Another prisoner, Sergey, in his letter to the "Freedom" wrote:

"In practice, aktyrovka used very rarely, with very severe disease at advanced stage when the person needs to live almost a few days. More often, there are cases when it is bought for money. As for categories of patients — Freaks, cancer and tuberculosis — which theoretically have a chance of release for health reasons, then placed in a spetspsyhushku Freaks, without any chance of getting out of there. tubercular taken to Orsha. Individuals with advanced cancer were taken earlier in the somatic bolnichki while she worked. principal anesthetic there were analgin yes aspirin. Some died there, some very rare, released to die in freedom. "

Social activist Tatyana Grechanikova, which is now undergoing chemotherapy in a Minsk hospital, remembers what she received medical care, cancer patient, departing after his arrest on December 20 to 15 days in jail in Akrestsin.

Grechanikova: "In medical terms no one helps. Only assistance provided — offered a glass of boiled water to those who complained and the pressure and other diseases. There wasand the terrible conditions. It has been all the time cold, slept on wooden planks. At first, several people under one blanket, and then we were given blankets to 2.

I wrote a statement from behind bars to the prison, I was given the opportunity to make a call. At the same time I also turned down, as in the complaint. "

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