Where the dog lay there, build a house

Where the dog lay down, says one of the proverbs — build a house, where the village of forty — second well. The dog — a mammal, and all mammals, including people, react to a bad area deteriorating health. Even in the cold of a wild dog would not be lying in a kennel if the kennel is above fault.

Where the dog lay there, build a house

With forty too, everything is easily explained: it looks for insects, and they prefer to geopathic zones are usually wet. So the observations of our ancestors helped them pinpoint where the person will live easily and safely.

Modern scientists in numerous examples to verify that these observations are correct.
Here are some facts. Cows living in stalls located above geopathogenic zones, most often fall ill with leukemia, they found a malignant tumor, they have suffered a violation of the internal organs and uttering nonviable calves. Chickens and ducks over areas lost plumage flew badly, their offspring a genetic disease. The people who settled in bad places too reacted to negative zone: they have found cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental disorders, and birth defects. In a study of patients in the hospital, located on the evil fruit of plots of land, found that the mortality rate in the wards, which are above the faults, are much higher than those in which the electromagnetic radiation has a value. A percentage of cancer in people living above the faults sometimes three to four times higher than those who live far away from those.

But, you say, in the old days people did not know anything about the heterogeneity of the Earth's magnetic radiation. Do not know, but saw something reflected (ie, for a zone) on the life of animals and man. They explained it by evil spirits, the evil eye, a manifestation of the dark forces. However, whatever you call the phenomenon, what reason or think up, the facts remain facts. And it just shows that the energy in the ground fault is broken, you can not live there. That is why the houses were not built.

Farmer, contrive construction of a new home, carefully inspect the area: not whether found in a lot of snakes, ants, bees, whether in the area of stagnant water with frogs and leeches, how many dragonflies, insect-eating birds. Insects and reptiles carry great pulse of radiation, they choose areas for breeding and wintering areas, ants build nests there. Occasionally check the place for future home very simple way: it was transferred to a nest and watched the ants behave: when will the mass exodus — great if they stay — it is better not to build homes. Sometimes put a hive of bees. Those, too, are sensitive to the zone: if the bees feel good, you did not put in there. Note that all the apiaries are located away from residential buildings, usually they are out of the village, and all because the bees are also very fond of the zone in the normal village they do not like to live.

Another peasant look closely, what herbs, flowers, trees growing on the site. Maple, pine — well. Oak, willow, alder — badly. In the old days the conclusions were based on many years of observation and experience of several generations, and only then, scientists have explained why some plants grace to live in the area, and the other in her feel bad. The point is the degree of power the root system. Plants for a normal life needs water, some of them are hydrophilic, others — drought-resistant. Moisture-loving species is necessary for life to exist necessarily powerful underground aquifer. Such a layer is formed in the ground faults or fractures when underground cavities are filled with ground water. But over the bad places and grow moisture-loving trees — willow, aspen, alder, oak, elm, ash. Coniferous trees, linden and birch zone avoided or are they quickly hireyut. Similarly, define the zone and herbs: in the old days, people knew what herbs grow on dry land, and which tend to moisture. All marsh grasses prefer a bad place for a man. Sedges, Labrador tea, St. John's, wormwood, for example, avoid dry soils. All medicinal plants tend to go to the zone. By the way, why is it difficult prizhivit them on their sites gardener! If our ancestors had seen a peasant marsh grass on his land, he did not build homes there.

He also drew attention to the fact that there are no big rocks in the area, in our opinion, — O igneous rocks — granite, basalt. And not because the stones somehow complicated construction, but because such exits stones to a violation of the structure of the earth. Now we know that the output of continental plates indicates faults, and people through a century of experience have established that such a bad earth grows and people live hard. Explained they dislike to such places simply, there is no depth to share, that is a very thin layer of soil. Blocks, crossing the area, prevented the processing of land, in a place hard to build a foundation, etc. These challenges require a large capital investment and the labor in soil and saved many lives. Also, the farmers considered a bad omen to settle in the hollow log, tract, that is, on the ground, placed much lower than the other piece of land. They associated it with a belief that lives in places such evil forces. Farmers tried to choose wood for home light, solar, and not bog marsh and gloomy Aspen.

Mitrokhin shirt

When I was eight years old, my parents took me to the dead of summer in the village of Vologda. We lived in a hut women Lushi — Lukeria Hvaschevoy Petrovna. Then she was in his eighties. Baba Lusha was very bright, lively, talkative woman. The work she had done on the farm itself, never allowed herself to help, knew a lot of songs, riddles, loved to dance, and to me, "my child," as she called me at night and come to affect tales. Then, when a grown woman I took up shtudirovanie Russian folk tales, among them no one Babina Lushin not found. Tales she had terrible, brutal, sometimes my heart is in the right heel to leave, but interest in winning. So, listening to these people, "horror", and I fell asleep. Only matured, I realized that I could hear the unique stories, they can be called, as Lucretius his book — "On the Nature of Things."

"There was Mitroha — shew me baba Lusha, — in fact Mitrohi donors was evil and wicked eyes. As a look at a girl — in that the groom had no luck. A happy Mitroha walks and only kvasok drink. He destroyed the darkness of girls. Turn came to beauty Dunyasha. Was the daughter of a wealthy man Dunyasha he soul not looked for it, red ribbon plaited braids, with the zloty fed tea-spoon sugar. Woo her father for a boy from a neighboring village, wanted to play in the spring Noces. Only sees Dunyasha — put your black eyes on her Mitroha, followed by walking, not good says. She went to the witch, "What am I, a poor, miserable, do tell me, teach me how to avoid the death of the snake?"

Gave her vrozheya sleep-grass. Instructed to follow when Mitroha lie soak up the spring sunshine. It was then and sprinkle it with spring water, spring water, with sleep-grass. Dunyasha watched this hour, saw — harnessed Mitroha his skate and went on plowing. Lurking behind Dunyasha Kut, waited. Mitroha so tired, yawned, and went away to prigorochek with green grass and lay down to take a nap, skate issued a walk. Mitrohe was hot, he took off his shirt, arms out stretched, his eyes screwed up. Then jumped out of the bush Dunyasha as plesnet Vodice, but fear took and missed: all Vodice-shirt on and then poured. A Mitroha eyes opened, laughed. I came home Dunyasha dead than alive. However, like a day goes by month — spring really in full swing, and all is well. And Mitroha since then gone — his horse walks by himself, nibbling the grass, and the owner is not. Dunyasha thought that things happened. Played Noces.

They began to build the house for the young. All the world have identified the best land. Only one year in the house and lived Dunyasha: storm with wind caught, swept the house as dry grass, first-born son, along with a cradle in the river dropped, drowned, and her husband Dunyashinogo run over a log. Crying Dunyasha loudly, lamenting over birthmarks and then hears someone talking with evil intent. She trembled like an aspen leaf, dark Obey Her head and hears: "maiden, do not hide the face, you ruined my sleep-grass, kill me sleep-grass." Dunyasha scared. Looks, and before it in the night, in the midst of the storm-wind is Mitroha, smiling. He stripped to the waist, and a shirt in his hand holding, arm flapping, the hem of crackling. And laughs Mitroha creepy laugh: "In my shirt stand your house. Number into the middle, where my heart is — so be it forever, if at the hem — so shake off it at once, if the sleeves — the waves, the waters have flooded, on the collar — Pull the rope round his neck … "

Since then, the fate of Dunyasha harder not. Will be given her in marriage, the father will build a new home — and it is washed away with water, the wind shake. Can not find Seredka where Mitrohino heart. "

Folk wisdom about where to build a house

— And you can find it? — With pity, I ask.

— There is one way — responsible grandmother.

— What?

— Take a willow twig, and stand with his back to the sun, and go until prignet him to the ground. Then listen to where you twig leads, and then against his movement thoughts are a hundred steps, put there jasmine bush, let bloom for next spring. The one bush and chop a house. There Mitrohi heart, Seredka shirt.

— A Dunyasha did so?

— In the fairy tale about nothing.

And I fell asleep with acute pity for Dunyasha.

Only many years later, I realized that this simple tale allegory hidden thought of finding a good place for development. If the sleeves of his shirt regarded as river banks, the hem — how open winds, unprotected place, and the gate — sucks swamp, it is clear that the best way to put the house in a dry high center of his shirt, where it will be protected from the forests that grow around, and the water will be enough, and it will cover the house floods.

As for the wand, which says Baba Lusha, then this a great way for thousands of years determined the suitability of areas for construction. Specialists on digging wells were both experts on search sites for construction, and called them dowsers — on twig vines, they used to search for water. They knew perfectly still in very ancient times, that you can not build a house, where the vine shows the water. They knew a lot of signs, how to choose the best location for the building. In fact, so far the search method of good land was not changed. The terrain itself shows a man, can live fully in it. One just needs to observe.

So, the most important thing in finding a place for a future home, he has to stand on a geologically heterogeneous areas under it should not take place underground river, and there should be no ground faults, it must be protected from the wind, flood and well lit.

Anastasia Semenova
"House and his secret power"

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