Whether its a UFO in ancient India?

In the Indian city of Hyderabad recently hosted a national symposium, "Science and technology in ancient India", which dealt with the amazing flying machines and enigmatic city of Mohenjo-Daro, burnt arms monstrous.

Battle in the skies.

"… When the morning came, Rama, taking the celestial ship, ready to take off. That ship was large and beautifully decorated, two-story with many rooms and windows. Ship produces a melodic sound before you soar into the clouds." Well described in the ancient Indian epic "Ramayana" start-god hero of the heavenly ship. And this is not the only evidence — almost all the texts in Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) is a story about how the gods fought in the skies using some vimana aircraft, equipped with weapons. For example, in the book of the great sage Bharadwaja Maharidzhi "Vimanik prakarana" (Sanskrit for "Treatise on flights") is mentioned, for example, a powerful shaft of light, which can focus on any object and destroy it.

Many ancient manuscripts contain technical details of ancient machines with words that means "draft", "graph", "coated copper coils," "crystal displays". Replete with detailed instructions for the management of Wim-us. And if they believe that these devices are able to hover in the sky and abruptly change direction. Is not it a UFO?

Mystery of Mohenjo-Daro.

It is known that India and Tibet interested Nazis who is rumored to be famous for their "flying saucers." Since the early 1930s, every year they sent to these places expedition. Perhaps something unearthed on the part of aircraft. And not only that.

According to legend the ancient Indian empire Rama 15,000 years ago destroyed some powerful weapons. British explorer David Davenport, after analyzing "Vimanik prakarana" and "Ramayana," which describes his power, came to the conclusion that the city of Mohenjo-Daro, referring to an ancient pre-Aryan civilization in the Indus river basin in Pakistan, and a number of other towns nearby were
destroyed by nuclear weapons. In the words of one of the battles, "Gurka (Gurkha — deity), who flew on the fast and powerful vimaana sent to three cities powerful single projectile, charged with all the power of the universe. Glittering column of smoke and fire erupted as ten thousand suns … Fatalities people would not be recognized, and the survivors have lived for long: they have lost his hair, teeth and nails. " It looks like Hiroshima, is not it?

The most important thing in the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro is clearly visible to extremely high temperatures and strong shock wave. Found at the epicenter of the alleged explosion pottery shards melted. In these places, and found the sand turned to glass.

Four types of vehicles.

If you believe the ancient texts, the gods have had at least four different types of aircraft — "Rukma Wyman", "Sundara Vimana", "Tripura Vimana" and "Shakun Wyman." The first two had a conical streamlined, had a three-tiered. Movers located in the basement. "Tripura Vimana '- a ship larger, multipurpose. The unit provided an opportunity
use it for air, and for underwater travel. Materials for Wiman — according to "Vimanik prakarana" — were three types of metals, "Somaka", "saundalika", "maurthvika", as well as alloys that can withstand very high temperatures.

An entire chapter of "Vimanik prakarana," said Dr. Narin Sheth, describes unique device Tuhagarbhadarsh yantra ", which was mounted on an aircraft. As stated in the ancient book, it can be had from the heights to locate objects hidden under the ground. According to some experts , it is a radar capable of responding to disguise funds
Air defenses.

Instrument consisted of 12 blocks. They contain details of a kind semiconductors "Chambak money" — alloys that have been a source of "Shakti" — "strength." In this case, according to Narina Shetha, it is a "powerful source of radiation," the ability to identify objects hidden under the ground, sending microwave signals and taking them.

Narine Shethu took three years to determine the 14 materials, according to the formula of which is fusion "Chambak money". Then, with the help of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, the scientist managed to make it. The alloy is described as a "solid black material with magnetic properties that are not soluble in acid." In it, in particular, the presence of silicon, sodium, iron and

"Guhagarbhadarsh Yantra" — just one of the 32 units, which, as described, could be installed on the aircraft. Others, by today's standards, served as radar, cameras, projectors.

There were also some mirror lenses for visual observations. Thus, one of them, called "Mirror Pindzhuly", was intended to protect the eyes from the blinding pilots' diabolical ray "of the enemy.

Who do they fight?

Not only in India are proof of such flights. The Chinese, for example, found several ancient texts in Sanskrit in Lhasa (Tibet) and transferred them to translate and study in Punjab University in Chandridarh. As reported by Dr. Ruth Reyna, the documents talked about structures of interstellar spaceships! Described and engines. Apparently — antigravity, based
kind of energy called EGO.

Dr. Reyna said that according to the document, these machines were called "Astra" and they are the ancient Indians could send people to any planet.

In the Indian epic "Ramayana", for example, described in some detail not only interstellar travel "Astra", but also a battle on the moon between the ancient Indians and airship Atlantis "vayliksi", which is equally well maneuvered in the atmosphere, outer space and under water.

And if you believe such sources, the Rama Empire existed in parallel with Atlantis. And even compete with it.

But how plausible these theories. Russian scientist Mikhail Gerstein believes that such ships, if they existed could not fly.

"Mention of Wiman — he says — especially out of context, do seem very mysterious. Actually describes the whole flying palaces with furniture and canopies, stalls for elephants, gardens, artificial birds and inlaid with precious stones. Some" heavenly chariot "in general were harnessed ordinary horses.

Even if the ancient Indians built gliders with jet engines, their perfection was infinitely far from the legendary, which is credited with Wiman today. As a source of thrust, according to the manuscript "Samarangama-sutradhare" used toxic mercury vapor. And the pilot has been totally despise death, to dare to use such a machine.

However learn vimana useful because it is a "blank spots" in human history. And for bikes and really can not stand the fact that the Indians actually owned by some art of ballooning. Otherwise, their religion would not be as powerful layer of stories about flying machines.

As for the death Mohend-jo-Daro, it is unlikely that the tip came from an atomic weapon. At various points in the city, archaeologists found skeletons random clusters of men, women and children, some with traces of wounds from swords and axes. "

Incidentally, Indian scientists did not take long ancient texts seriously. But changed their minds after the Chinese government announced that they include some of the documents in its space program to explore. This is the first time that a government — even if the neighboring — recognizes the need for technological research on ancient sources.

Vadim Chernoborov engineer aerospace aircraft designer, coordinator of the All-Russian Scientific Research Association "Kos-mopoisk" believes that "information about Wiman came to us in a very distorted way. Wrote not the ones who make these devices, not those who used them, even those who have seen, and their descendants technically illiterate, who have passed through the generations have distorted
information. Many terms have since disappeared, some words have changed meaning. If removed from the descriptions vimaanas poluskazochnuyu external trappings of elephants and canopies, it will remain the specific technical characteristics.

You can certainly argue that looked like vimana. But until we reached a huge number of visual cues. After Wiman called not only managed aircraft in the Indian legend, but the sanctuary is the stupa, the main part of the temples, shrines. Thousands of Wyman survived to the present. Architecturally they are similar to the vertically elongated discs, bells or cupolas of our churches. Projects
advanced aerospace reusable aircraft of this type are now being developed (Nexsus, Feniks, VTOVL, SERV). But the engines are not ready yet! "

By the way, it is likely that the ancient vimana somehow worked for mercury. But you do not cast her pair. There are modern designs, in which mercury is not leaving the ship's capacity.

For example, in the mid-1990s, the inventor Victor Royak of Dnipropetrovsk region proposed "mercury jet engine with closed loop." Then engineer Vitaly Novitsky developed device "Wiman-1", which was to create thrust mercury vortex.

Physicist Spartacus Polyakov even experimented with a device accelerates mercury through spiral channels in a confined space. Got a few pounds of thrust. Furthermore, through experiments established the optimal shape design. Its installation was like … bell!

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