Who ate our bacon

A society all started so well. Before the election, the President of the average salary was raised to $ 500. By the end of the period it promised to bring up to $ 1,000, and the standard of living — right down to the average. And in the beginning of this victorious movement to the glittering heights of the ambush happened. Just started to live well, as the money ran out. More precisely, the currency.
On the causes of the currency crisis, as well as on ways to get out of it, a lot said and written by independent experts. It is interesting to observe the reaction of public authorities. Because banks, investors, part of citizens — in a panic. Businessmen feverishly believe they do. People are confused thinking whether to withdraw money from bank deposits to buy expensive things.
Just in such critical moments reveals a real confidence in the authorities, the ability of public institutions and their leaders for a serious discussion with the community. And what do we see?
National Bank feverish movements in different directions criticize everything, including Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas. The government itself is a bystander.
Everyone was waiting for the president's speech. That's who had clarity,

Just started to live well, as the currency is over.

explain, reassure, to promise. But he was silent for a long time worked on this topic. Discussed the issue of education, test the potato storage, congratulates the unity of the peoples of Belarus and Russia, and others. And about the main issue that worries most citizens — not a word.
And finally, on Tuesday Lukashenko broke his silence and spoke. He is popularly explained to the electorate, who ate our bacon (ie currency). It turns out that it was eaten car lovers. The President explained that the excessive demand for foreign cars has led to the fact that the currency is gone. And from the mouth of the country's leadership position Lukashenko looked noble. "There have even been proposals to introduce this tax now. But a blow to the people, why are their people to push? We will sustain it, let people buy a car, what kind of want, replace if necessary … We can not strangle a person of- for the currency … Well, people want to buy, what can you do?'s why I said the National Bank and the government, which in any case can not step on people. Let people realize their desire, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
Thus, the authorities in no way to blame. Blame the irresponsible citizens,

Blame the irresponsible citizens.

who for some reason want to buy their own cars. The authorities could "crush", "attack" on people, but generously decided to forgive this stupid behavior of his compatriots. After all, we, as we know, the state of the people.
This is a familiar tactic Lukashenko: rather than acknowledge their own failures, refer to the objective conditions (the global crisis, the rise in prices for oil and gas) or find enemies. I remember in 1998 when the foreign exchange market Russian Belarusian ruble collapsed, he blamed the West, the Russian liberals and opposition.
But feel free to ask: who provoked this car hype? And it turns out that people rushed to buy cars pushed the government's decision to raise tariffs on imported cars for individuals in Belarus from 1 July 2011 to the level of fees in the countries of the Customs Union. Again recall cue Lukashenka: "There have even been suggestions to introduce this tax now. But a blow to the people, why are their people to push?". That is, now does "blow to the people" and "pushing" them is impossible, and from July 1 — you can. Here's a humanism in Belarusian.
Perhaps Lukashenko says so quietly on this topic because his electorate felt a currency crisis. The people who vote for Lukashenko, no need for currency, they have enough rubles. They do not do business, do not go abroad.
Lukashenko's electorate will feel the currency crisis only through price increases, wage cuts. Then have to find a new explanation — or, rather, to repeat the same thing as always: the enemies to blame.

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